Good Life Plus Competitions Review

At Good Life Plus you can enter for your chance to win Super Cars and other prizes such as Playstation 5, iPhone 14, Cash and holidays. Unlike many sites you don't pay to enter the various individual prize draws but instead pay a monthly subscription. Members get 100 entries into 30+ prize draws a month. It's an unusual concept but new visitors to the site can sign up for a 7 day free trial.

Good Life Plus Competitions

Company: GL Membership Limited

When Was Good Life Plus Competitions Launched: 2018

What Prizes Can You Win: Cars, Tech, Cash

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Good Life Plus Competitions

Good Life Plus originally was part of Chadd Media Ltd but is now part of GL Membership Limited (owned by the same people). When we first reviewd them they represented the high end side of win a car raffles. Tickets generally started at 14.99 and entrants could win an Audi R8, Jaguar F-Type (plus cash), BMW M3 (plus cash) or a Jaguar F-Pace. Things have now changed and Good Life Competitions operate a subscription model. Entrants pay a fixed monthly fee to be included in all the prize draws open that month. Members get 100 entries into 30+ competitions a month which equates to 3000 entries a month. However if everyone has the same chance of winning then in reality the number of entries is irrelevant! The prizes on offer still include cars such as a Range Rover Velar plus there are tech and gadgets including a PS5 up for grabs too.

How To Enter Good Life Plus Competitions

Subscriptions cost 11.99 a month and you're automatically entered into the draws. This means that you don't need to do anything other than make your monthly payments. It does make entering a lot easier but on the flipside it does mean little to no interaction with the actual comping process. If you want to check out Good Life Competitions before purchasing - and we strongly advise that you do so - then you can claim a 7 Day Free Trial. This gets you 700 entries to their next 7 competitions. Each of the competitions does have a free entry option. Be aware - subscriptions roll over to 11.99 per month unless cancelled before the end of your trial. The terms and conditions give details about how you can enter via a postal route. It's not clear if you now need to be registered with Good Life to take advantage of the NPN route but any postal entries you do must include "your first name, last name, email address and phone number".

Good Life Plus Competitions Winners

Good Life Plus have claim that they've dished out 3,000,000 worth of prizes. Recent prizes have included Apple Watch, Oculus, Caribbean Holiday, 18750, PS5 and Underwater Scooter. Cars have been given away although we're not sure if anyone has won one since the site switched to subscription (it may well be we've just stumbled onto their first few months under this system). Videos showing the live draws and testimonials from the winners used to be provided on site. Draws are conducted live via Facebook. Good Life did use to use PromoVeritas for transparency but we're not sure whether they still do. However the social media lives should be more than adequate for transparency - at least in terms of winner selection.

Our Verdict

Subscription models have popped up on a few competition sites but we're not aware of any that have really been successful with the format. With such a model it's important to maintain a good level of regulars as well as topping up natural attrition with new customers. If the numbers start to fall then so does the prize pot and once that falls then more customers drop out. It's an interesting approach and if successful could well be adopted by other brands. However Good Life with their 100,000 social media followers at least have a good platform to build upon. We do like the fact they they offer a 7 Day Trial and it'd be interesting to know if anyone has won a prize during with a trial account. In terms of safe gambling Good Life gets a tick because entrants can select to spend a fixed amount a month and don't need to spend more. Go To Good Life Plus Competitions

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