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Tommy French Competitions launched in 2021 and has grown to be a popular prize draw destination offering cash prizes, tickets and they've even held their own property giveaway. The name comes from Tommy French Bookmakers, a family run independent bookie in Northern Ireland. At time of writing (March 2024) they were offering mainly cash prizes with tickets at reasonable cost. They even have free entry draws too.

Company: Tommy French Competitions Limited

When Was Tommy French Competitions Launched: 2019

What Prizes Can You Win: Cash

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Online Payments

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Tommy French Competitions

Although the site has Northern Ireland roots, as does seem a lot of pay to enter prize draw sites, Tommy French Competitions Limited is registered in The West Midlands. We first heard about them when they gave away The Christmas House in a prize draw during 2023. Over 50,000 tickets were sold which isn't too shabby although the aim was for almost double that number. Prizes on the site today (March 2024) are a little more modest with cash prizes up to 60,000 on offer. There's also the chance to win tickets to see Taylor Swift. Considering that's just 39p an entry it's surprising to see that not many Irish Swifties have swooped in to grab a ticket. Ticket costs do vary on the site with the highest currently sat at 10 for the chance to win 3000 cash.

How To Enter Tommy French Competitions

Entering prize draws at Tommy French Competitions is very easy. You simply select the number of tickets you wish to buy for a particular draw, answer a very easy multiple choice question and purchase them. You do need to be registered and logged in to the site to participate. Each prize draw has a limited number of tickets that can be purchased. It's not clear whether thare are limits to the number of entries per person per draw, but there are discounts should you purchase tickets in bulk. A no purchase entry route is available for all prize draws and these are outlined in the terms and conditions. Given the price of tickets versus stamps then it's only really a useful option for the more expensive draws.

Closing Dates

Each prize draw has a limited number of tickets available and a closing date. According to their FAQ, competitions are not extended - unless there are exceptional circumstances - and all prizes go ahead regardless of tickets sold. If tickets sell out really quickly then the prize draw gets closed and drawn earlier than advertisied. There is a lot of clarity with respect to entries with each draw clearly indicating the number of tickets sold and those that are still available. Entry lists are also available but you can only access these if you're logged in. If you prefer not to wait until the closing date to see if you're a winner then there are some Instant Win prize draws also on the site.

Tommy French Competitions Winners

Prize draw winners are "selected using Google random number generator" and this is all done live via Tommy French Competitions's Facebook feed as well as other social channels. When the winning number is selected the winner is then shown being highlighted so there's full transparency. A full list of winners can be found on social media and on their webpage. The web winners content provides the name of who won and the winning ticket number. There are no links to the prize draw videos though or the entry lists plus you can only see the winners if you're logged in. Furthermore no details are given regarding number of ticket sales for the completed draws (although no one seems to be happy to offer this kind of detail). All the winners are on one page - which sounds bad - but it's a very very long page. A little bit of pagination wouldn't go amiss here.

Our Verdict

We almost didn't list Tommy French Competitions because the site at first glance omits some content. As a newbie to the site it'd be preferable to see that people do win and that this information is not hidden until you've logged in. The entry lists give transparency and they're fine behind the login. However we would like to see an 'about us' page on the site and a contact form. These details are on Facebook but if you were looking for a contact page or help with your account section then you'd be frustrated. Being related to a bookmaker company we're also surprised Tommy French Competitions doesn't even touch upon responsible play. On a positive note we like the cheap prices and the occasional free prize draw. If you end up a regular on Tommy French Competitions then do check out their VIP Facebook Group. It's free to join and is the place to pick up discount codes and other special offers and prizes.

Tommy French Competitions Discussion

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