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This Christmas someone's life could be about to change! On offer in this prize draw is "The Christmas House" that is located in Northern Ireland and £20,000 or a £250,000 cash alternative. This giveaway is hosted by a raffle site called Tommy French Competitions and tickets cost £5.99. There are discounts for bulk entries plus a no purchase necessary postal route available.

Winner: Ann Marie O’Kane

Launched: 30th November 2023 Closed: 24th December 2023

Platform: Tommy French Competitions

Location: Drumnagoon Park, Northern Ireland, BT63 5GJ

House Value: £217000 (3 Bedrooms)

Extras: £20,000 Cash

Ticket Price: £5.99 (Free Entry Available)

Tickets Sold: 53262 Revenue: £319039.38 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: £250,000

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Tommy French Competitions is a paid to enter prize draw site along the lines of McKinney, Bear and Bounty. As far as we know this is their first venture into offering a property as a prize but they have given away numerous other prizes including cash and holidays. They aren't as big on social media as some raffle brands but do have an impressive 43K followers on Facebook. They launched in 2021 and perhaps unsurprisingly are owned by a guy called Tommy French. On offer in Tommy's biggest competition to date is a property located at Drumnagoon Park, Craigavon in County Amargh. Tommy doesn't give too much away about the location though and instead refers to the prize as The Christmas House!

About The Property

We think that this three bedroom three bathroom property is brand new but it's not clear. The blurb on the site says new build but that doesn't necessarily mean it's never been lived in. We have a feeling though that this is the property in question. It's not clear either if the property is fully furnished but a whole bunch of gadgets are included such as PS5, Smart TV, Tefal Air Fryer, DeLonghi Coffee Machine and Smeg Kettle. Tommy also indicates that "Santa has left some extra gifts under the tree". To help you settle in there's £20,000 cash to enjoy too. However if owning property in Northern Ireland isn't for you then Tommy French Competitions are offering a £250,000 cash alternative should you want to take that. Note that this cash prize is an alternative to the house and cash.

How To Enter The Competition

Entry to the prize draw is very easy. All you have to do select the number of tickets that you wish to purchase and answer a very simple multiple question. The question is about the capital of England. Note that you're not told if the answer you've selected is correct so make sure you've chosen the right answer even though it's stupidly easy. If you're interested in entering the prize draw but not necessarily paying then a no purchase necessary route is offered in the site's terms and conditions. Details about how to enter via post you need to check out the terms and conditions. The terms section really could do with a few paragraph breaks!!

99999 Tickets

Tommy French Competitions aim to sell 99999 tickets before the 24th December 2023 in order to complete the draw. Assuming all tickets are sold at full price that equates to just under £600,000 revenue. There are discounts though for bulk purchases - for example you can save a whopping 90p by buying 5 tickets! Keep an eye on social media for any discounts and also prize draws to win free tickets that may run during the promotion. The prize draw has been running around a week now (at time of writing) and just over 17,000 tickets have been sold. This is pretty good going. As far as we know the house/cash alternative are guaranteed so they'll be a winner regardless of the number of ticket sales.

Our Verdict

2023 house competitions have been dominated by the dedicated platforms like Omaze and Tramway Path on one side and raffle sites (mainly in Northern Ireland and Scotland) on the other. Tommy French Competitions isn't a site we've heard of before but they have been running prize draws for a couple of years. Details about the house could be better. For example location, details about fees etc, would be useful. The ticket price at £5.99 is attractive and we love that there's a cash alternative available. Interestingly the cash alternative is quite high compared to the house value plus cash plus gadgets bundle. Usually raffle sites reduce the cash alternative to encourage the winner to take the property. In this case we'd definitely opt for the cash. Enter Competition Here

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