Lucky Day Competitions Review

Lucky Day Competitions run a number of low-cost pay to enter draws that ofer you the chance of winning prizes such as tractors, cars, tools, tech and holidays. Their mix of prizes is eclectic and has even included 4 in-calf heifers, a 2018 Scania Truck and even a cattle shed. Ticket prices start from just 97p. Live draws are via Facebook.

Company: Ace Competitions Ltd

When Was Lucky Day Competitions Launched: 2019

What Prizes Can You Win: Tech, Cash, Cars, Gadgets

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards, Paypal

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Lucky Day Competitions

Launched in 2019, Lucky Day Competitions is another pay to enter prize draw site that heralds from across The Irish Sea. The company is based in Forkhill, Newry and trades as Ace Competitions Limited in Northern Ireland. According to their website they've given away over £20million in prize value, creating over 900 winners whilst buliding a following of almost 250,000. We're not convinced on the quality of Trustpilot Reviews simply because companies can incentivise positive accounts but at time of writing Lucky Day Competitions has attracted over 3000 reviews, has a 4.7 rating and only 3% of comments are 1/5. Many of those comments seem to be "we don't win" which are pretty meaningless as not everyone can win!

How To Enter Lucky Day Competitions Lucky Day Competitions

Entering the various prize draws at Lucky Day is relatively easy. Simply select the prize you'd like to try and win, answer a multi-choice question and purchase tickets. From what we can see most of the questions only have two options and generally the answer is obvious. For example "John Deere released the R series in which year?" has the options 1949 and 1869. It's pretty unlikely to be the latter but you can always head for Google just to check your answer as you're not told if you're right or wrong. Each draw has a limited number of tickets and the current status of the draw is clearly indicated. A no purchase entry route is available for all prize draws and these are outlined in the terms and conditions. Given the price of tickets versus stamps then it's only really a useful option for the more expensive draws.

Prizes & Closing Dates

The choice of prizes at Lucky Day is quite varied. They have everything from cars to cash to heating oil and tractors. At time of review they were offering gadgets like an iPhone 14 and home office bundle, cash prizes, 1000 litres of home heating oil, a Ford Ranger and trailer, a welding kit and a lift and shift bundle that includes a tractor, lowloader and trailer. Ticket prices start at just 97p which is pretty reasonable but you can pay £14.97 for bigger prizes. Look out for early bird prices when new draws launch. You can use debit cards or Paypal to complete purchases. In terms of closing dates, "all draws are guaranteed to go ahead on the draw date listed on the prize even if it has not sold out". If a draw sells out before the closing date then the draw date may be brought forward. Impressively most of the prize draws we've referenced here have sold out at 80% or more.

Lucky Day Competitions Winners

All draws are hosted live via social media streaming. Lucky Day say that they use Google’s Random Number Generator to randomly select the winning number for each competition. If you miss a draw then you can always catch up as all draws are retained and even included on their own live draws page. This is something that we really like! Many of the winners listed are based in Northern Ireland and Ireland but some prizes do make their way across the water to England and Scotland. For example Toby Austin from Bedfordshire won a choice of a Scania R500 Truck or £12,000. It might be worth checking delivery details for some prizes such as tractors before entering! He opted for the cash! Some winners get lucky and win more than once and scrolling through the winners lists we've spotted second and third time winners.

Our Verdict

This is an impressive set up and there are plenty of good things to like about Lucky Day. The clarity and transparency on prize draws and winners is excellent plus the price points are attractive. The mixture of prizes is interesting and whilst not everyone may want to win a tractor there's still plenty of other options. Don't be disheartened by the number of winners from Northern Ireland and Ireland as the site is based there and no doubt targets players from the area. One thing we would like to see is some kind of Begambleaware or Safe Play section. It's not a legal requirement but in our view it's better for big competition sites to start protecting players than wait for The UKGC to come in and force them to do it along the lines of slots, casino and bingo.

Lucky Day Competitions Discussion

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