Gaming Giveaways Competitions Review

Gaming Giveaways offer you the chance to win gaming and related prizes in low cost prize draws. Tickets start from just 99p and prizes include Console Bundles, Lego Bundles, Cash Prizes and gaming gear. Free entry routes via post are available. Live draws are streamed via Facebook and Instant Win giveaways have recently been added to the site.

Company: Smile Group Giveaways Ltd

When Was Gaming Giveaways Competitions Launched: 2020

What Prizes Can You Win: Consoles, Games, Gadgets, Lego

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Payment Options: Online Payments

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Gaming Giveaways Competitions

Gaming Giveaways launched in 2020 and is owned by a company called Smile Group Giveaways Limited. They are well established within the Gaming Community are are the people behind By Gamers For Gamers who are responsible for WePC, VideoGamer, N4G and PC Guide. It's actually quite nice to find a pay to enter prize draw site that has decent credentials. Unlike many other sites in this sector, Gaming Giveaways is focused on selected items - and as you'll have guessed from the brand name that focus on games, consoles and PC gear. In addition there are Lego bundles too. At time of writing the site featured Go Pro Hero 11, Playstation VR2, Lego Star Wars Helmets, Cash Prizes, Consoles and a Harry Potter Lego Bundle. Although most prize draws cost 99p to 1.99 per entry, a couple are more expensive including one for a Gigabyte OC which costs 39.99 to enter!

How To Enter Gaming Giveaways Competitions

To take part in any of the Gaming Giveaways all you have to do is select the prize draw you want to enter and then answer a multiple choice question. The questions aren't particularly difficult (e.g. which company makes Playstation, what colour is Yoda, What sort of animal is Sonic etc). As far as we understand you're not told if your selected answer is correct so do your due diligence before completing a purchase. On each prize draw you can choose to purchase one to multiple tickets but be wary as some draws are automatically set at five tickets. The maximum number of tickets that you can purchase varies from draw to draw. A no purchase necessary postal route is available for all giveaways and this is given in the terms at 12.1. You will need to register an account and it's worth noting that "all free entries are processed on Monday of each week" so make sure you send in your entries with plenty of time.

Gaming Giveaway Winners

All listed prize draws have a fixed closing date and prizes are drawn regardless of the number of tickets sold. Gaming Giveaways say that they "never change the prize or end date of a competition". That's good news because it means there's a winner guaranteed for every draw they put live. According to their site, Gaming Giveaways have created over 5000 winners and dished out over 2million in prizes. Winners are listed across over 200 pages on the website which is great but there are no links to live draws, entry lists etc which we think should be standard for pay to enter prize draw sites. The Live Draws are actually streamed on Facebook - and possibly Discord - and they tend to cover multiple draws so the shows tend to be long. Winning numbers are chosen using the Google Random Number Generator. If a winning number is for an unsold ticket then the generator spins again until a sold ticket wins the prize.

Our Verdict

If gaming goodies are for you then Gaming Giveaways may be a good option to select if you like the idea of trying pay to enter prize draws. Some of the listed giveaways appear to attract plenty of entries whilst others have very few and it might be worth targeting these low entry ones if you love to play the odds. For example (April 2023) the GoPro Hero 11 prize has attracted just 19 entries with just two days to go before the closing date. We also suggest that you check the Facebook page before entering as occasionally there may be discount codes available.

Gaming Giveaways Competitions Discussion

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