Bounty Competitions Review

Bounty Competitions is one of The UK's leading pay to enter prize draw sites. It offers entrants the chance to win various prizes including vouchers, lego, campervans, cars and even houses. In fact Bounty have managed to create severtal house winners from all their property prize draws plus have recently given away 1million! Tickets start from 99p and tend to be reasonably priced throughout.

Company: Bounty Competitions Ltd

When Was Bounty Competitions Launched: 2020

What Prizes Can You Win: Cars, Tech, Cash, Lego

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:


About Bounty Competitions

Established in 2020 by Calvin and Leanne Davidson, Bounty Competitions wants to offer entrants the chance to "win amazing prizes and experiences all for the price of a kebab or a few pints". Based in Aberdeen the company have created plenty of winners including home winners and donated over 500,000 to goood causes. Unlike a lot of other pay to enter prize draw sites, Bounty do offer the chance to win smaller prizes such as tech, Lego and gadgets although these are obviously mixed in with their bigger headliner giveaways. At time of writing (March 2024) you could win anything from an Audi R8 Spyder, a holiday to Sydney, Lego Batcave and oh just a cool one million quid. The latter is a one off promo to celebrate the platform's 4th birthday.

How To Enter Bounty Competitions

Entering Bounty Competitions is relatively easy as there are no questions to worry about. All you need to do is login and select your tickets, pay for them and enter the draw. If you're a first time player you'll also be asked to create an account. Going through the ticket list can be quite tedious but there is a nifty Lucky Dip option which will select you numbers from those that are available. Each prize draw has a limited number of tickets that can be purchased. A no purchase entry route is available for all prize draws and these are outlined in the terms and conditions. Given the price of tickets versus stamps then it's only really a useful option for the more expensive draws.

Closing Dates

Each prize draw has a limited number of tickets available and a closing date. Regardless of the number of tickets sold the prizes are always awarded. What we have seen is that their tickets do sell pretty well - for example their most recent property prize draw sold out in less than 24 hours - and therefore they probably don't have to worry about unsuccessful promotions. There is a lot of clarity with respect to entries with each draw clearly indicating the number of tickets sold and those that are still available. Each draw also lists the names of the entrants and when they purchased their tickets.

Bounty Competitions Winners

Prize draw winners are "selected using Google random number generator" and this is all done live via Bounty's Facebook feed. A full list of winners can be found on social media and on their webpage. The web winners content provides the name of who won, their location and a link to the video. However we would like other info such as number of tickets sold/not sold. The are over 440 pages of winners listed on their website by the way and that's a good sign of a prize draw site doing things well. One thing that we did notice was that many winners are from Scotland - perhaps not many people South of the border know about the site or Bounty have targeted their advertising to their local region? The site is full of images of winners with their prizes!

Our Verdict

With so many raffle sites to choose from it can be difficult to know which ones are good. However with Bounty there's plenty of positives. They have an excellent track record in creating winners, they aren't focused in just off loading second hand cars and their ticket prices are very attractive. We know they also have an active audience simply because of how quickly they sell out on some prize draws. On Facebook they have over 200,000 followers plus plenty of excellent reviews. We would like to see some gamble aware notices as these aren't on site nor is any information about opting out but other than that there's a lot to like here.

Bounty Competitions Discussion

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