Blingo Competitions Review

Blingo Competitions describes itself as a competition site that brings you luxury prizes with the best odds. Unlike many of it's competitors the focus seems to be on smaller prizes such as Lego, Dyson products etc. rather than cars and huge cash sums. Ticket prices start at around 1.99 and live draws take place via Facebook.

Company: Blingo Competitions Ltd

When Was Blingo Competitions Launched: 2021

What Prizes Can You Win: Cash, Tech, Lego

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Blingo Competitions

Incorporated in May 2021, Blingo Competitions is based in Cardiff and run by Ruth Ellis. They aren't the biggest of pay to enter prize draw sites and at time of writing have around 2000 followers on Facebook and a handful over on Instagram. One thing that is immediately obvious about Blingo is that it's not offering huge cash prizes or a whole bunch of cars. Instead the prize roster includes a Dyson Duo, 50 Cash, Garden Fire Pit Set, Lego and a Sage Barista Coffee Machine. Ticket prices range from 1.99 up to just under 4 but there are a couple of free prize draws too. Each prize draw has a limited number of tickets available and a set closing date. Instant win options are included on some draws.

How To Enter Blingo Competitions

Blingo Competitions uses a platform developed by GFNI. To enter a prize draw you first need to register or login. If you don't and try and add tickets to your basket it doesn't work which is a bit poor in terms of customer journey. Once logged in you simply need to select the number of tickets that you wish to purchase and then answer a multiple choice question. The questions are very easy! Payment is via debit cards. If sufficient tickets are sold by the closing date then the draw takes place. All draws should take place regardless of ticket sales, but the option to extend a draw date is there if required. A no purchase necessary postal route is linked on each giveaway. If you do send in a postal entry you do also need to answer the prize draw question.

Blingo Competitions Winners

When a prize draw is ready to be drawn this is done via livestream on Facebook and using Google's Random Number Generator. Blingo Competitions list their winners on the website too but you need to go to 'Completed' to see them all. There is a 'Winners' section linked on the site but this is pretty empty and gives a poor first - and false - impression of Blingo. However when you follow the winners link from a 'Completed' prize draw you'll find all the necessary details including any instant winners generated during that draw. However the page doesn't link to the Facebook draw so you can't reference it from the page. Interestingly the winner details page don't indicate number of tickets sold nor link to the entrants list. Only live competitions have current entry lists.

Our Verdict

Blingo Competitions might not be the biggest brand in the pay to enter prize draw sector but it seems to be doing OK. It's created plenty of winners, isn't too expensive to enter and has a good selection of prizes. We like the fact that they run quite a few free entry draws as this gives would be entrants the chance to try out the set-up. Entry numbers are mixed with the best draw attracting just 60% of target tickets. This might make it worth keeping an eye if you like targeting low entry options. There are some usability issues but that's down to the platform rather than the site itself. Sadly there's no mention of responsible play or any indication of tools such as self-exclusion or deposit limits. There are maximum ticket purchases on the draws although these depend on the number available to be bought.

Blingo Competitions Discussion

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