Win Lego - Where To Find Lego Competitions

Lego's popularity has increased dramatically in recent years. Whilst it is often regarded as a toy for young people, it's also become a collectable for adults (or afols as they're often known). Investing in Lego sets and minifigures has also increased in popularity. However collecting Lego can be expensive especially when sets like Star Wars AT-AT, The Titanic, Eiffel Tower, The Razor Crest, Hogwarts Express, Batcave, Lord Of The Rings Rivendell and Modulars can cost between £200 and £800. The desire for Lego hasn't gone unnoticed on some pay to enter prize draw sites and some sites now offer the chance to win various sets. Ticket prices tend to be reasonably priced too and the number of tickets available limited making the odds of winning quite reasonable.

5 Sites With Lego Prize Draws

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Are Lego Prize Draw Sites Safe?

Before you choose to pay to enter Lego prize draws please do check out our reviews. Additionally check out the sites and their social media pages. Do they have recent winners? Are tickets selling for the respective giveaways? Are the owners active on social media? Are there any negative reviews on Facebook or Trustpilot. Remember that pay to enter prize draw sites, or raffle sites, as some prefer to be called - are not regulated in any way.

Are Lego Competitions Expensive?

Entering these kind of competitions can be expensive and addictive. So just be wary of how much you're spending and treat it as you would any other gambling site. The majority of these sites do not offer options to limit deposits, spending or offer responsible play tools. It also pays to read the terms and conditions! We know this is incredibly tedious but it will give you an indicator of things like closing date extensions and what happens if not enough tickets are sold. At the end of the day you're spending your hard earned cash and you want to make sure you're getting good value for money.

Can I Enter For Free?

Many pay to enter prize draw sites offer entrants the chance to enter without buying a ticket. Instead entrants can enter for "free" by sending in a postal entry. However given that the price of a stamp can be more than the cost of entry the NPN Route is a little redundant. Although competition sites should honour NPN postal entries it's not always easy to know whether they're doing so. Most certainly we've never heard of anyone winning with a postal entry. For skill competitions, like spot the ball, you won't have the option to enter for free. If you prefer free prize draws then we suggest checking Loquax's competition listings.

Top Tips For Lego Raffles

  • 1. Consider using established brands.
  • 2. Check the competition site out before even thinking about spending money.
  • 3. Read reviews, look on social media, check for winners.
  • 4. See if the Lego Set on offer is brand new or second hand.
  • 5. If you have any uncertainty then don't buy a ticket.
  • 6. Raffle sites are unregulated so be wary when you purchase.
  • 7. Watch your costs and don't spend what you can't afford.
  • 8. Consider purchasing an entry when ticket sales are well underway.
  • 9. Be gamble aware at all times!

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