Raffolux Competitions Review

Raffolux describes itself as the home of luxury online raffles. Sign up to get access to the competitions for prizes such as cash, gaming bundles, holidays and lifestyle goodies. You will need to deposit at least £3 into your wallet or you can try and enter for free by post. Tickets start from around £1. Raffolux have also recently added an Instant Win element to some of their draws.

Company: Raffolux Ltd

When Was Raffolux Competitions Launched: 2019

What Prizes Can You Win: Cash, Lifestyle Prizes, Instant Win

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Payment Options: Debit Cards, ApplePay, PayPal

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Raffolux Competitions

Launched in 2017, Raffolux "offers the chance to win exclusive and luxury prizes through a modern twist on the age-old raffle". In reality they're just doing the same as Bounty, Bear, McKinney, Bright and countless others by offering you the chance to win exciting prizes but at a cost. Raffolux though do have quite an eclectic mix of goodies. At time of writing their prizes included a BMW X3 Mega Bundle, £1000 of Bitcoin, Turkey Holiday, Lego, Trip to Rome and various cash prizes. Sadly there's no chance to win a hectare of Mars which was available when we first reviewed the site. What we do like about this site is they do keep costs down. As of March 2024 tickets varied from 50p to £2.99. In fact the bulk of prize draws were priced under £1.

How To Enter Raffolux Competitions

When Raffolux first launched you need to deposit a minimum of £3 and then purchase tickets or credits to get your entries. Today it's a lot more simpler as it's just a case of registered/logging in, selecting the tickets you want to buy and purchasing them using a variety of options including PayPal and ApplePay. There are no questions to answer! Each prize draw has a fixed number of tickets available and a fixed closing date. If insufficient tickets are sold then the prize draw still goes ahead and the prize awarded. Most competitions will close early if all tickets sell out and the draw will take place on that same day!

Raffolux Competitions Winners

Raffolux are one of the best sites when it comes to transparency. A full list of winners, ticket numbers and draw information is provided on site. All draws are done with random.org and£250 cash, Ninja Kitchen bindles, £50 Amazon Voucher (free entry draw), Mercedes A Class, Case of Moet & Chandon, Hot Tub, Summer Holiday to Crete and much much more. live via social media streams. Recent winners have been lucky enough to take home £250 cash, Ninja Kitchen bindles, £50 Amazon Voucher (free entry draw), Mercedes A Class, Case of Moet & Chandon, Hot Tub, Summer Holiday to Crete and much much more. According to the website Raffolux have created over 167,658 winners - which is a massive number considering it was 7000 when we first wrote this review in 2021!

Our Verdict

Surprisingly Raffolux don't have the social media following of Bounty or Bear (for example) but they seem to be doing a lot of things right in this space. Ticket prices are attractive, there's a good mix of prizes and there's a boatload of transparency. One thing we really do like about Raffolux is that they have a responsible play page including information about account closures. More pay to enter prize draw sites should do the same - actually no - all of them should do the same and be responsible full stop with respect to pricing, number of entries per player and safeguarding. We also like that there are winners on this site and that Raffolux encourage the sharing of prize pics to prove that they are genuine with their giveaways. The occasional free prize draw is also welcome and a good way to be introduced to the site.

Raffolux Competitions Discussion

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