Dream Car Giveaways Competitions Review

Dream Car Giveaways not only offer you the chance to win a new car but other prizes such as cash and tech. Select a competition, answer the question and enter the prize draw for the chance to win. Tickets cost from just 99p but a free entry route via post is also available should you wish to try that option. All draws are streamed live on Facebook using Google’s random number generator.

Company: Dream Car Giveaways Ltd

When Was Dream Car Giveaways Competitions Launched: 2018

What Prizes Can You Win: Cars, Bikes, Tech, Cash, Watches

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Paypal, ApplePay

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Dream Car Giveaways Competitions

Dream Car Giveaway was established in 2018 by Petrolheads (Hickling and Andrews) who wanted to offer entrants the chance "to win a dream car at the fraction of the normal retail cost". As of April 2023 they say - on the homepage of their website - that they have given away prizes valued at over at £52million and raised over £104,000 for good causes. At time of writing they were hosting various raffles with six featuring cars including a BMW M3, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Urban Defender 90, Subaru Impreza, 2018 Mercedes Benz AMG and a Porsche Macan GTS. The others were for items such as a PS5 console, cash and Lego Bundles. Dream Car Giveaway say that they prize themselves "on sourcing the best and most unique vehicles on the market".

How To Enter Dream Car Giveaways Competitions

To enter a draw at Dream Car Giveaways you need to choose a competition, answer a qualifying question and then complete payment. Make sure you get the answer correct because you're not guided to the right answer. Additionally if you purchase a ticket with one answer and then add another to the basket with a different answer then you end up with two tickets with the last answer chosen. Note that you do need to register and login to complete the purchase. For each draw that you enter you will earn loyalty points. You get 1 point for every £1 played but need 100 points to get a £1 discount. In real terms that's a 1% loyalty bonus! Dream Car Giveaway does offer a free no purchase necessary entry option. Check out the terms and conditions for the postal entry route.

Dream Car Giveaways Competitions Winners

There's an impressive 127 pages of winners on the Dream Car Giveaway site. Details of the winner and winning ticket number are given on each photo. Recent prizes that have been awarded include a Lamborghini Aventador, Subraru Impreza Widebody and Ford Mustang. What we do like is that Dream Car Giveaways do indicate if a winner opted for a cash alternative. The site does seem to generate a lot of winners. This could be because their competitions do tend to sell out quickly. For example they claim that an Audi RS5 competition only ran for 5 hours! A good raffle/pay to enter prize draw site is always one where tickets sell quickly and there's a good turnover of prizes.

Our Verdict

Reviews of Dream Car Giveaway are very positive. They have over 250,000 followers on Facebook and 49K on Instagram. Draws for their competitions are shown live on these platforms. The key thing to note is that the cars are not brand new. This isn't hidden from entrants but it's worth noting the age of the car, mileage and details provided on the website before you decide to purchase tickets. One thing to keep an eye on is the ticket price of any competition you're interested in. Early bird discounts may apply but after 75% of tickets have been sold the price actually goes up. Keep an eye on social media for flash sales and giveaways.

Dream Car Giveaways Competitions Discussion

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