BOTB Competitions Review is probably the most well known win a car competition site online as it offers entrants the chance to win dream cars and other prizes three times a week. Car competition ticket prices start at 85p and rise to 4.80. Alternative cash prizes can be awarded. In addition you can also win cash, tech and luxury items such as Rolex Watches, Bitcoin and Holidays of a Lifetime.

Company: BOTB

When Was BOTB Competitions Launched: 1999

What Prizes Can You Win: Dream Cars, Cash, Holidays, Watches

Can You Enter For Free: No

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About BOTB Competitions

Best Of The Best - or BOTB as they're now known - is probably one of the most well known car competition sites online. They've been operating since 1999 and many people may have first become aware of them at airports! BOTB have had stands at Heathrow and Gatwick where they offered travellers the chance to win supercars whilst they waited for flights. Found by William Hindmarch the idea of BOTB is "to give people a great chance to win the car of their dreams for a small amount of money". They're now doing this online and to date have created 100s of winners. BOTB claim to be the number one dream car competition service with guaranteed weekly winners and a long history of creating happy winners.

How To Enter BOTB Competitions

Unlike the other win a car competitions we feature in the raffle section, is a genuine skill competition. It uses a spot the ball mechanic to determine the winner as opposed to a random draw. To enter you simply select the prize you'd like to win. Choose from a Lamborghini Urus S all the way down to a Mini Cooper. The prize you choose determines the price you pay (545 down to 90p). Look out for special offers every week too. Once you've selected the prize and decided how many tickets you want to play then you're required to spot the ball. The aim is to get your choice nearest to the spot as determined by the judges.

Lifestyle Competitions

The Spot the Ball competitions are dubbed skill competitions so there is no free entry route. Each week a judging panel determine where they think the ball is and the entry with the closest pin wins. Cash alternatives are available. If you're not keen on a new car then also run a weekly lifestyle competition that takes place every Wednesday. Choose from motorbikes, watches, cash, holidays and tech. Some of these prizes attract entry prices of just 50p for a 15,000 prize. Most importantly all prizes that are offered are brand new. The Lifestyle competition requires you to answer a question in order to qualify your entry. A recent new addition is the 10k Friday Fun competition. Tickets for this one cost 40p each but you have to purchase a minimum of five tickets.

BOTB Competitions Winners

Sites like don't last for over 20 years without winners and transparency - and they have both in spades. There are winner details from 2000 and you can review the results if you really fancy trawling through them. More recent competitions come with even more information including the judges decision and a video of the judges in action. Even a confirmation letter by external auditors Wilkins Kennedy is provided for full declaration. Overall it is quite an impressive set up and other raffle sites could learn a great deal by being as open and transparent as

Our Verdict is open worldwide and they have generated winners from many countries. These are shown on a little map on the site too. The vast majority of winners do seem to be from The UK and Europe. If you're considering entering car raffles or skill competitions then is probably the best option. It has history and an outstanding level of transparency. Ticket prices are also reasonable plus for the car competitions it comes down to skill and judgement versus a random draw.

BOTB Competitions Discussion

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