Daymade Competitions Review

DayMade, formerly TripHunters, gives you the chance to win a variety of prizes, including bucketlister prizes worth 25,000. The site comprises a weekly lottery style prize draw that you play via subscription. You can choose from two weekly subscriptions, Lite & Premium, plus there's a free competition to enter too. They've also partnered with who will plant a tree with every purchase made on the site.

Company: TH Travel Limited

When Was Daymade Competitions Launched: 2019

What Prizes Can You Win: Holidays, Experiences

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards, PayPal

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Daymade Competitions

TripHunters launched in 2019 and is run by TH Travel Limited. They describe themselves as "a team of 4 travel-lovers based in Kings Cross who work tirelessly to deliver a great experience". That great experience could be prizes such as "incredible at-home prizes and all-inclusive holidays". On the site you will find the main weekly draw alongside a couple of other raffles, including a daily free lottery style draw. The brand changed their name recently to DayMade presumably because we can't currently go on too many trips and to possibly appeal to a wider audience.

How To Enter Daymade Competitions

The main weekly draw on DayMade is a lottery style competition. To enter you first need to select 5 numbers between 1 and 65. A lucky dip option is available if you prefer a random selection. Once you've chosen your numbers you simply purchase tickets. These cost 2.95 for a weekly subscription - although there's a Lite version at a cheaper tariff. As far as we can figure out DayMade have dropped their raffle style prize draws and the opportunity to purchase tickets for one giveaway. If you're not too keen on spending money then there is also a free no purchase necessary postal route. Note if you do use this option then your entry applies to just one draw.

Prize Structure

Every Friday at 5pm, live on Instagram, TripHunters will draw their weekly winning numbers. As with the lottery the more numbers you match then the bigger prize you can win.

  • Match 1 number to get a free entry to a draw
  • Match 2 numbers to win a local prize worth 25
  • Match 3 numbers to win weekender prizes worth 150
  • Match 4 numbers to win 2500 Globetrotter prizes
  • Match 5 numbers to win a 25,000 holiday of a lifetime

Other Games

As well as the weekly draw you can play other games at DayMade. There's a free daily lottery that works in the same way as the weekly draw. The Daily Challenger gives you the chance to win a 2500 holiday. Note that to win this prize you'll need to match 5 numbers between 1 and 75. That's quite a tough ask (about 1 in 17,259,390)! TripHunters even say "you probably won't win" on the competition page so at least they're honest. The other competitions are raffle style. The monthly raffle costs 2 a ticket and gives you the chance to win a 500 gift card. Unlike the car raffles and watch raffles featured on other sites this one has no ticket limit and the prize is guaranteed.

Daymade Competitions Winners

DayMade say that they've had 1500 winners to date. They do have a winners page and images on Instagram but we don't see any suggestion that the bigger prizes (2500 or more) have actually been won. In the fact their FAQ states that most winners are people who match 2 balls. They do have an excellent rating on Trustpilot and for every purchase made on the site a new tree is planted by Trees For The Future. They actually deliver on this too and you can see details on the Giving Back section of the site.

Our Verdict

One thing that is evident about DayMade is that they are transparent even down to saying that their free competition is hard to win! It's good to see they do follow through with charitable causes as so many other raffle sites make promises but you never see evidence of donations. We also like that they link to Gamcare, although we would prefer to see more begambleaware notices on the competitions. The only negative is that the odds of winning the big prizes are stacked against you.

Daymade Competitions Discussion

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