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Jammy describes itself as he fastest growing competition community in the UK. Ticket prices for most prize draws are 99p or 1.99. There's a wide range of prizes including cash, scratchcard bundles, lego, sweets, gadgets and electricals. All prizes are guaranteed and winners are selected via live draws three times a week.

Company: Jammy Entertainment Ltd

When Was Jammy Competitions Launched: 2021

What Prizes Can You Win: Cash, Tech, Lego

Can You Enter For Free: No

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Jammy Competitions

Owned by Jammy Entertainment Ltd, Jammy launched in 2021. It is a London based prize draw site. They've grown pretty quickly and currently boast well over 100,000 Facebook followers although only 2000+ on Instagram. The Jammy site isn't the most attractive in part because it's dominated by text and reviews when you first arrive. You need to scroll down to see the current competitions. Prizes (March 2024) include iPhone 15, Sony PS5, Cookware Set, Shark Hairstyling Bundle, Xbox Series S, Site Credit, Various Cash Prizes and Cans of Redbull. Most tickets cost 99p but there are one or two 'high roller' draws where tickets cost 9 or 19.99. As far as can see there are no car, big money or house giveaways here. However everyone who plays on Jammy gets entered in to a 2000 Bonus Cash Draw that takes place every Friday.

How To Enter Jammy Competitions

Entering prize draws at Jammy is very easy. You simply select the number of tickets you wish to buy for a particular draw and purchase them. There are no questions to answer here. You do need to be registered and logged in to the site to participate. Each prize draw has a limited number of tickets that can be purchased and a maximum ticket level per player. There don't appear to be discounts for bulk buys but you do earn points on each purchase. A no purchase entry route is available for all prize draws and these are outlined in the terms and conditions. Given the price of tickets versus stamps then it's only really a useful option for the more expensive draws.

Closing Dates

Each prize draw has a limited number of tickets available and a closing date. According to their FAQ, competitions are not extended and all prizes go ahead regardless of tickets sold. If tickets sell out really quickly then the prize draw gets closed and drawn earlier than advertised. There is a lot of clarity with respect to entries with each draw clearly indicating the number of tickets sold and those that are still available. Entry lists are also available although it'd be nice if everything linked up across the site a little bit better so that everything could be clicked from the competition page. If you prefer not to wait until the closing date to see if you're a winner then there are some Instant Win prize draws also on the site.

Jammy Competitions Winners

Jammy conduct their prize draws usually on Monday evenings, Wednesday Afternoons and Friday Afternoons. These are conducted live via social media. Winners are "selected using Google random number generator". When the winning number is selected the winner is then shown being highlighted so there's full transparency. A full list of winners can be found on social media and on their webpage. Winners are actually listed on the Results page (but these don't link to entry lists) whilst the Winners page is just a collection of images of players with their prizes. It's good to see these images but again they don't link to their respective draw. It'd also be nice to see a bit of pagination here too!

Ou Verdict

There's a lot to like at Jammy. They're running draws at a decent cost and offering a good mix of prizes. It's all done under an umbrella of fun and light heartedness whilst never deviating away from transparency. There's a big tick in the responsible play box because Jammy not only link to Begambleaware but have their own page outlining how they are responsible. Each competition has entry limits (and these aren't that high either which is good to see) and they do offer options to close accounts. Even the 'high roller' draws have limits. For example a 1000 cash draw with 19.99 tickets only allowed each entrant to purchase one ticket. The site also aims to help good causes and makes donations to charities suggested by their players.

Jammy Competitions Discussion

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