Raffall Competitions Review

Raffall is a platform of user generated competitions. Users including brands such as Oakwood Garden Rooms, United Peoples TV and Matchroom Pool and individuals can offer prizes ranging from homes to vouchers in pay to enter prize draws. There are numerous prize draws running and most ticket prices start from just 1. A cash alternative is awarded if not enough tickets are sold. The platform has become more popular thanks to it's successful win a house raffles.

Company: Raffall Limited

When Was Raffall Competitions Launched: 2015

What Prizes Can You Win: Cars, Tech, Cash, Watches, Lego

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Payment Options: Online Payments

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Raffall Competitions

Raffall launched at the end of 2015 and is owned by Raffall Limited. It's different to other sites that we've listed as this is a platform for individuals or brands to run their own prize competitions. Raffall simply act as a middle man and manage the ticket sales process. In simple terms it's simply eBay but for raffles. It's free to start a competition but Raffall will take a 10% commission if all tickets are sold. Our blog on Raffall covers more detail.

How To Enter Raffall Competitions

At time of writing there was over 40 pages of competitions to enter at Raffall. The prizes vary from houses - following the success of the first home competition to complete on the platform - gadgets, vouchers and pretty much everything in between. If you want to enter a competition you need to register, login and then click the green "enter" button. You'll then be asked a question or required to complete a puzzle. Select your answer and then pay to complete your entry. Once entered you'll be able to see how many tickets have already been sold for that particular competition. The number of tickets available and the price per ticket varies from competition to competition. If all tickets are sold by the closing date then the prize is awarded. However if insufficient tickets are sold then Raffall will pay out a 75% cash sum. This prize is guaranteed.

Raffall Competitions Winners

Hop on to the winners page at Raffall and you'll see pages and pages of completed competitions. If a raffle sells enough tickets then it's up to the promoter to fulfil the prize delivery. An eBay style rating system is in place so that the winner can leave feedback on their experience. Like the open raffles page the winners section is a mess and difficult to use. You basically can only scroll through the pages rather than navigate by prize, closing date or promoter. What's also an issue is that it's unclear to us which competitions completed - with enough ticket sales - and which ones didn't. Looking through the almost 600 pages there are a number of results still pending whilst some reviews reference that the winners received a cash prize. Without knowing the percentage of completed vs uncompleted competitions it's hard to gauge just how successful the platform is for those running the giveaways and those entering them.

Our Verdict

For sheer variety of prizes then Raffall is ahead of other sites. It's also seen off competition from the likes of Raffique. We do like that Raffall guarantee that if insufficient ticket sales are reached then a cash prize is paid out. At least you know that when spending your money then there's some kind of reward going to be awarded. The big winner though is Raffall who take a cut on every competition that runs on the site. In fact the whole platform has numerous flaws but it's nice to see categories are now in place. Interestingly not every competition gets listed in the directory. We wonder whether Raffall like to omit some prizes - such as win a house raffles - so that the owners are forced to pay for the premium listing? If this is the case then that's a tad underhand. The lack of indication of ticket sales until after you've bought a ticket is also questionable. Transparency on draws is lacking - especially with the big ticket items like houses - and surprisingly for a big platform there's no responsible play messages.

Raffall Competitions Discussion

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