Paragon Competitions Review

Paragon Competitions describes itself as a luxury prize giveaway website where you can win incredible prizes and experiences at low odds. Prizes range from cash to TVs and Lego sets whilst ticket prices start at around 1.50. They also offer a lot of transparency and promote responsible play. Each draw they do is independently verified by RandomPicker.

Company: Paragon Competitions Limited

When Was Paragon Competitions Launched: 2020

What Prizes Can You Win: Cash, Tech, Lego

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Paragon Competitions

Set up by Ian Buckley and James Melling in 2020, Paragon Competitions is yet another option when it comes to low odds prize draws. They have a decent sized following on Instagram (over 40K) but a modest one on Facebook (just over 8K). Unlike many of the big names in the sector Paragon focuses on luxury items as opposed to cars and big ticket items. At time of writing (March 2022) they were hosting 11 different prize draws with prizes that included site credit, scratchcards, cash prizes, Technic Lego, Harry Potter Lego, PS5 or Xbox, 70in TV and a Gas BBQ. Most ticket prices tend to be around the 3 mark although a couple of giveaways are priced at a tenner. New competitions are added to Paragon every few days.

How To Enter Paragon Competitions

Entering Paragon Competitions is really easy. You simply select the prize that you'd like to win, choose how many tickets you wish to purchase and then make the purchase. Each competition limits the number of entries you can make. There are no questions to worry about. New customers will be required to register whilst returning customers will need to login. Payments can be made via debit or credit card. Paragon do offer a postal entry route too and this is clearly indicated on each competition page. The free entry route is also explained clearly on it's own page - so there's no wading through a while bunch of terms and conditions trying to find the details.

Paragon Competitions Winners

All Paragon Competitions have a limited number of entries and a closing date. There are no rollovers or extensions. Winners are drawn via social media live streams every Monday and Thursday at 8pm. Each draw that Paragon do is independently verified by RandomPicker - which is perfect for full transparency. Winners are posted up on the site too with each announcement confirming the winner plus there's a link to the RandomPicker page. Some winner pages do have links to live streams on Facebook which gives an even higher level of transparency. If you so wish you can go through all the winners that Paragon have created since they started!

Responsible Play

One thing that really has impressed us with Paragon is their approach to responsible play. Entering pay to enter competitions is not regarded as gambling but it can become addictive and costly. Paragon acknowledge this and encourage entrants to play what they can afford. The steps they have taken include limiting the maximum entries per person, per competition, offering players the option to take a time out, and there's even a self-exclusion option. On their "about us" page the word Paragon is defined as "a perfect example of a particular quality". In the area of responsible play and low odds competitions they're definitely close to a perfect example.

Our Verdict

It's safe to say that with it's clarity on winners and approach to responsible play we quite like the look of Paragon. The fact that they stick to closing dates and guarantee prizes is also a big plus. Even better the website provides plenty of information within it's FAQs and About Us sections. In short it looks like the owners have put a lot of thought and effort in providing a top quality website whilst putting customer care and transparency front and centre. The prize mix is good and is designed to appeal to all demographics. It's actually quite nice to see a competition list that's not dominated by second hand cars!

Paragon Competitions Discussion

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