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Aspire Competitons want you to win big and spend little plus claim that they have better odds than other competition sites. They run numerous pay to enter prize draws starting from just 99p a ticket. The prizes on offer include campervans, cash, hot tubs, scooters and watches. The site also makes regular charity donations and has supported a number of good causes.

Company: Aspire Competitions Ltd

When Was Aspire Competitions Launched: 2019

What Prizes Can You Win: Campervans, Tech, Cash

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Aspire Competitions

Owned by Aspire Competitions Ltd, this raffle site launched in 2019. Other than that they're based in the South West and source the "very best campers, motorbikes and cars for you to win" there's actually very little background about the company. However they do claim to be The UK's Best Competition Website and do like to run competitions where the entry cost is low. At time of writing the lowest cost price was 1.50 whilst the highest just 5.99. When compared to other sites this is very reasonable. Prizes vary and include a 2017 Harley Davidson and 2018 T6 Highline Campervan.

How To Enter Aspire Competitions

To enter a draw on Aspire Competitions you simply need to answer a question and pay for your entry. Select the prize that you'd like to win and answer the multiple choice question. Note that you won't be told whether the answer selected is right or wrong so Google is your friend if you're unsure of any answers. Once the answer has been locked in then you can choose how many tickets to purchase. Each competition has a maximum you can buy depending on how many are on offer for that particular draw. From what we can see on the site all competitions come with a "Guaranteed draw date regardless of ticket sales! No Rollovers No Extensions". This is good news for entrants as it means that draws don't drag on and you know you have a chance of winning what's on offer as opposed to a cash alternative. We suspect that Aspire can do this simply because all their draws reach critical sales target each time. Each draw does seem to have an 'Early Badger' element which means you can buy-in for 50% of the ticket price provided you buy tickets at the start of the competition.

Aspire Competitions Winners

Aspire Competitions boast over 500 winners and these can all be viewed on site. Each winner element shows the prize won, the winner's name, winning ticket number and a link to the live FB draw. There's even an interactive map showing winners by locality which is great for nosing to see who's won in your area. Entry lists are provided on site although these tend to be for active and recent competitions. In our opinion it would make sense to link up the entry lists to each respective winner section just to make it more complete. All draws are done via Facebook Live and it's all done with transparency. The guys doing the draw show the tickets sold online and then select a winner via Google's random number generator. They do try and contact the winner live. Unlike a lot of sites where you can pick your raffle number Aspire assign ticket numbers randomly. This means that the first entrants won't necessarily get the low numbers and the final entrants the high numbers. Aspire say this brings in a double random element to the draw.

Our Verdict

Aspire have over 45,000 followers on Facebook and alost 3000 mostly positive reviews on Trustpilot. We like the fact that they do support a number of charities and are transparent with pretty much everything that goes on with respect to the site, competitions and draws. All players can also earn Aspire Points by playing on the site and also for referring other entrants. You get 5 aspire points for every 1 spent and 100 points represents a 1 discount. There are other plus points for Aspire including the price tags. It's nice to see reasonably priced tickets instead of 20+ as on other sites. If you like campervans then this site is well worth a trip. On the downside we don't see any responsible play messages on the site although each competition does have a ticket limit per player. There are no purchase necessary entry options available but this information is hard to find in the very unreadable terms.

Aspire Competitions Discussion

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