Closing Soon - 23rd April 2014

Competition listings on Loquax have now moved to the forums - and this includes those listed by closing dates. Unlike other forums we make sure it's easy for you to access competitions by date. Once logged on to the site you'll be able to use the links below to find comps ending today and in the next few days. You'll also be able to sort them by prize category, date added to Loquax and sitename.

Closing Today
24th Apr
25th Apr
26th Apr
27th Apr
28th Apr
29th Apr
30th Apr
1st May
2nd May
3rd May
4th May
5th May
6th May
7th May
8th May
9th May
10th May

After you've logged in to Loquax you'll be presented with a list of forum posts. In each post you'll find details of the competitions posted by users/promoters for you. Follow the links and enter. Once you've entered you can track the competition as done simply by clicking on the "thanks" button. This also removes that comp from your listings. You can also review your tracked entries.

As well as competitions by closing, you can also find comps by new today and prize type. There are also options on the forum to list comps by type, filter out Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Rafflecopter giveaways plus we have a daily entry tracker system.

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