Loquax Launches Voice Activated Competition Tracker!

Posted on: March 31st, 2009 by Jason 10 Comments

It’s been a long time since we updated our competition tracking service, but today we’re pleased to announce a major improvement for all Loquax users.! Voice Activated Competition Tracking (VACT) is a simple but effective way for you to manage your competition entries whilst using Loquax as before.

As Loquax means ‘talkative’ in latin, we thought wouldn’t it be cool if you could track competitions simply by voice control – and VACT was born.

VACT Tracker

The beauty with VACT is that it works on all our links – so whether you use our Tracker v2 or Quick Comps you can take advantage of this unique and ground breaking technology.

To use VACT you just need a microphone on your computer.

Plug it in, and make sure it’s working (the sound setting needs to be at least 75%). Now all you have to do is enter competitions as usual, the only difference is you need to say “Track It” into the microphone before you’ve clicked the link.

Our system will pick up your voice activated tracking and make a note of the next competition link you choose to visit. That’s it – you’ve used VACT! If at any time you want to untrack the competition just say “Untrack It” then click the link again – and we’ll update the information so that the competition appears untracked.

VACT is already in place on the site, but to test whether your PC is compatible why not give it a try now?

1. Say “Track It” now into your PC’s microphone!
2. Simply enter a competition. E.g. win an HD Ready TV.

If all goes to plan you’ll have tracked your first competition with the brand new VACT system!

We’ll be rolling out more features for VACT over the next few weeks, but for now give it a try and let us know any bugs or issues that you encounter. We appreciate there may be a few teething problems but we have done extensive testing on a variety of browsers, ISPs and computer systems.

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  • suroben

    Starting early are we Jason? It’s always good to be ahead of the opposition.

  • jayanna

    Good one! If PB replies here will that be a Polar Foil? 🙂

  • peacheyporridge

    i wonder if ducks speak latin.

  • mandy101

    Ha ha ha your on the ball today Jason 🙂

  • Consultantwan

    ooohh goody, have you incorporated bark technology? Some days I’m just too busy to do the comping so I assign the task to the dog. He has become quite adept at using the tracker so I’m anxious to know if it will recognise his bark!

  • laurajayne

    lol. I did wonder if we would be talking tax again today.

  • Jeanieallergy

    Does this only work on comps that close on 1st April?


    lol…wouldn’t it be cool if VACT could write our competition postcards too! lmao

  • mandy4baz

    lol, good one Jason

  • quincyg

    pull the other one, it’s got bells on!

    but that’s my business 😉