Comping Memory Lane

Occasionally Loquax takes a step back in time and remembers some of the many competition sites that have been and gone. In addition we’ve gone through some old blogs which we think you might like to see again. Do you remember these blasts from the comping past?

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Loquax 25

Reflecting On 25 Years Of Loquax

On the 7th February 2008 we wrote a blog post celebrating 10 years of Loquax. In that article we looked back at some of the many logos the site had adopted during it’s first decade

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Freewin/Quizpeople Blasts From The Past

Back in the early days of the internet there used to be a number of dedicated prize sites. We’ve already mentioned as the first in our mini-series of blasts from the past, but our

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Keep Calm And Do Some Comps!

A while back we were playing around with Keep Calm-o-Matic, a website that lets you create parodies of the famous “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan. We came up with “Keep Calm and Do Some

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Loquax In The Big Brother House

Celebrity Big Brother is back and so we thought we’d go and look for a suitable video for this week’s blog. Then we remembered that a few years ago Loquax was in The Big Brother

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