Fun Stuff

We don’t try and take things too seriously on Loquax and over the years have posted some fun blogs about comping and site related stuff. Did you know we once sponsored a National Dodgeball Championship! You do now! And how about some of our April Fool’s Day blogs – we’ve included them here too.

Jacob Leeks Mogg Finishes Second

After a little bit of a summer break, we’re back with another exciting Loquax newsletter. As we did last time, and hopefully in the future, we’re going for a more newsy style email. If all

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Now TV

Win £35,000 To Watch TV For A Year

Sorry guys we’ll not be updating Loquax for a year as we’re going to be winning NowTV’s latest competition. They’re offering someone the chance to take a year off work and get paid £35,000 streaming

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