All About Loquax!

Loquax was the UK's first competition portal.

Starting life as a simple Demon homepage, we took an interest in entering (and occasionally winning) competitions and turned it into a community site to help others enjoy the hobby of comping. We have led the way as the UK's leading resource for both compers and promoters. It's name became synonymous with online competitions!

The site officially launched in February 1998. The name "Loquax" (Lo-quacks), our registered trademark, comes from the Latin Loquatious. Loquax was chosen as as a domain name it could be attributed seamlessly to any subject online plus it also because it's quite memorable. Our duck logo was introduced in 2004 to add character to the site. The logo was revamped in 2010 to give it more dimension.

In 2013 the site's founders, Jason Dale & Kirsty Darbyshire, took the difficult decision to end the free competition listing service citing business and personal reasons. Thanks to user input this has now been saved and has a new lease of life via the forums. In time, we hope that a self sufficient and happy community of compers will develop.

Loquax as a company is moving into pastures news with more focus on it's gaming products and services. It's been a fun adventure in the world of competitions, our aim is to continue with the 'prize winning' theme but in a different sector. We own four white label bingo sites, four bingo portal sites and a couple of casino themed sites - these will be revamped and redeveloped over the coming months ahead.

Jason Dale is the Managing Director of Loquax and is responsible for the day to day running of the business as well as breaking things so that Kirsty can mend them. Away from Loquax, Jason used to blog at OneLittleDuck but instead prefers doing photography and following the fortunes of Southampton FC.

Kirsty Darbyshire is the Technical Director of Loquax and does a lot of the behind the scenes stuff at Loquax. She spends a lot of the time fixing things Jason has broken. Occasionally, when Loquax isn't crashing around her ears, Kirsty spends her time knitting, sewing, taking photos and reading too many books.

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Loquax Ltd is based in Holmfirth, Llanelli and occasionally Calasparra
Registered in England and Wales, company number 04219383.
Registered office: 1 Cooper Lane, Holmfirth, HD9 3BP.

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