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Good news for everyone who bought a ticket for Devon Property with Fishing Competition! We told you a week or so ago that there was potentially light out at the end of the tunnel, well that light is shining even brighter. A message on the Wilshaw’s message board today (6th May) states that they’ve concluded […]

It’s dragged on longer than a dodgy Eastenders plotline but could there be light at the end of the tunnel for The Wilshaws and their win a house competition Win a Devon Property with Fishing. It’s been around six months since all 46,000 tickets for Oldborough Retreat were sold out making it the first win […]

Despite only selling just over 4000 tickets have become the first Win a House competition to create a home winner. According to the website Stephen Lakey, 35, from Hertfordshire was drawn as the winner of one of the eleven available flats. He is now the owner of a luxury London apartment worth £400,000. A […]

According to This is South Wales another Win a House competition has fallen foul of the “skill element” issue that has dogged these kind of competitions. Sharon Craig was raffling her home for £10 a ticket, but the competition has now been withdrawn. According to the report “6700 people entered the contest”, which compared to […]

2008 was most certainly the year of the win a house competition. We very nearly saw the first house won via these kind of competitions only for The Gambling Commission, unsurprisingly, get their sticky beaks involved in the process. This has seen the Devon Property with Fishing competition left somewhat in limbo whilst the legalities […]

Whilst the 46000 entrants of the Oldborough Estate competition await the findings of the Gambling Commission another, and perhaps potentially more high profile “win a house” competition has launched. Up for grabs is £8million worth of London Flats at Win a London Pad. It’s being run in association with Great Ormond Street Hospital. The competition […]

On October 12th we told you that the Gambling Commission were starting to take an interest in win a house competitions. We also told you the 16th October would be the date when the winner of The Oldborough Estate. However, little did we know that The Gambling Commission would intervene in the competition and this […]

On October 16th the winner of the Oldborough Estate in Devon should be announced. This may spark further interest in the other win a house competitions that have popped up on the back of the Wilshaw’s success. From experience these kind of competitions always look good on paper, attract a bit of media interest, but […]

Finally, after a last minute hiccup, the Devon Retreat win a house competition has reached the 46000 tickets sold mark and someone will win the house (or estate). Having seen a fair number of these competitions fail to even get close to the required number of tickets required to be sold to giveaway a house, […]

After years of “win a house” competitions never reaching the required number of tickets, could it be that the Oldborough Retreat Devon Estate competition will become the first to complete? As of today (15th September) the tickets sold allocation is 45006 – leaving just under 1000 tickets remaining. At £25 a ticket the competition will […]