Advent Competitions 2017

Advent competitions act like advent calendars except there are prizes to be won in the build up to Christmas. Most sites offer daily prizes - you simply need to follow the links and enter the competition. The number of advents, and 12 Days Of Christmas giveaways, has gone through the roof in recent years - last year there was literally 100s of them with many running via Facebook. We expect that they'll be just as many - if not more - this year!

Advent Comps

So Where Are The Advent Competitions Listed?

This year our advent lists are again being done by users for users over on the forums. We have created lists and simple links based on user posts to try and make things as easy as possible for you. In addition we've brought back our special advent tracker so you can hide/enter the advents you want to enter those you wish to ignore.

The 12 Days Of The Loquax Lucky Duck

From the 1st to 12th December you have the chance to win a daily prize with our Lucky Duck prize draw. You need to come back and check if you're a winner - if not the prize will roll over.

The Loquax Advent Competition

The Loquax advent comp has long since retired to a small cottage in The Cotswolds where it's earning a living making Bramble Jelly and doing pottery. However our very own Prize Draws are still running and there are prizes to be won throughout the year - you can also enter daily. There may also be a little surprise for you this year too!

The Loquax Bingo Advent

If you don't mind a bit of bingo then our own bingo brands at Loquax Bingo, Snappy Bingo and Clucky Bingo will be running games and promos throughout December. Other bingo sites are also running daily advent giveaways and some of these will be free to get involved with.

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