Virtual Sports Games

Ypu'd have thought that with the growth of online betting that people would have more than enough events to bet on. However, the rise of virtual sports has been incredible. At the advent of virtual sports the main focus was on horse racing, but over time this has developed to include greyhound racing, football, speedway, tennis, cycling and motor racing. The game play is the same but you can play through events and get results much faster than the real thing.

Where To Play

Bookmakers are the main source of virtual games and most will offer at the very least horse racing. The format of the games vary from site to site. Some will use graphical representations of races whilst others use actual video. There's no way of knowing the result beforehand so if you think you'll be seeing the same race over and over again then you'll be in for a long wait. Deciding where to play is a personal choice, but there's no real advantage playing at one site over another.

Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral all have channels dedicated to virtual sports. All are much of a muchness but some will offer a few sports whilst others provide more options. One advantage of virtual sports over the real thing is that you never have to wait too long for the next race or match. Perhaps the downside to that is that if luck isn't with you then it's quicker to lose your shirt.

Random Numbers

The big question that perhaps hangs over virtual sports betting is - is it rigged? Well the answer it's exactly the same as playing bingo, slots or any other game. In our view it's simply a program and you're trying to predict the outcome of what the computer has chosen. In real sports betting the human element is in play and that's all that perhaps differentiates the two. All virtual sports come with form guides and provide information on the latest winners - we're not sure whether they're worth studying?

Play With Hamsters

And perhaps Tombola have the right idea when it comes to this genre of prize games. They developed Hamster Racing, a simple concept which sees a group of critters run along a race track. It's all graphical so no real hamsters are used but the betting and gaming concept is no different to the games above. The outcome of the result has been determined by a computer and you simply are trying to best guest the result to maximise your win.

Lucky Pants