Time To Add “No Automated Entries” To Your Rules!

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by Jason 9 Comments

This weekend we kicked off a campaign to get promoter’s to start including one simple line of text in their online prize draw rules. If they don’t already do so we want all sites that run online competitions to include “automated/bulk entries and entries from third parties are not permitted” as part of the terms and conditions.

According to their review to justify Prize Draw Centre, MyComps suggested that automated entries are fine and the promoter has the choice to accept them or not. The problem with that is that many promoters don’t know about automated entry services like Prize Draw Centre, Win24 or WeWin4U… at least not until after they’ve come a calling.

Siteowners often don’t know that the entries they’re receiving from these companies aren’t, in our view, from people visiting their website, knowing about their competition, choosing to enter it, interacting with the site or even adding themselves to their marketing lists.

And let’s face it, It’s very unlikely the automated entry competition services will ask a promoter if it’s ok to enter their competitions via this means. But, that doesn’t mean promoters shouldn’t be made aware of the issues surrounding people paying to be entered into their prize draws… and that’s where you come in!

We Want You!

We want all compers – no matter which site you use, which forum you reside or which social media service you prefer – to take up the challenge. If whilst out and about comping we want you to check a promoter’s terms and conditions. If they don’t include anything about automated entries being disqualified then contact them.

We’ve even created an email template for you to use, but do feel free to use your own.

We also want you to tell other compers about this! We want you to get them involved too.

Getting compers involved also opens up the issue to a wider community. We know many of you use other sites and forums – it’s time to bring them in and get them debating the issues. Very few compers we’ve spoken to consider automated entry services as a good thing!

Will It Make A Difference?

It won’t see the end of automated entry services! However, if these services adhere to the terms and conditions of a competition then they shouldn’t be forcing their paid subscribers into prize draws where automated entries are not permitted.

We’ve tried contacting some sites and they’re responded favourably. In fact, none have said they were happy to have automated entries! Getting a reply out of Argos though is proving a bit of a challenge, so come on Argos shake a leg.

Unfortunately our voice isn’t loud enough – so we need you! By getting a simple email, siteowners/ and competition promoters can then decide to add a simple line of text to their competition rules and disqualify automated entries or not. If the latter, then compers can make a choice about that particular promoter.

So promoters – please add “automated/bulk entries and entries from third parties are not permitted” – and compers start asking them to add it to their terms if they don’t include it.

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  • libra100

    A great campaign, fair play for all. Will email companies who fail to disqualify automated entries, and have tweeted.

    Good luck with the campaign.

  • misslucky

    Yes totally agree this is a great campaign, about time something is done, I am happy to help so have started emailing companies and will continue doing so. Thank you Loquax for the email template, makes it so much easier and quicker!!

  • bristolgirl

    Whilst I agree with the automated/bulk entries the 3rd party ones are a bit more of a minefield. From a personal point of view, next year is my parents golden wedding Now tthey already have cupboards full of *keepsakes* from silver and ruby anniversaries as well as all the other things they’ve accumalated over the years What I would like is to try and give them something like a lovely weekend away or preferably a trip on the orient express. But these are regetably out of my price range so I am trying to win one. I would like it to be a surprise if it were to happen, but also realise that a lot of these prizes are non transferable. i am currently entering in Mums name but with my phone/address details, so I guess this qualifies as 3rd party. I’m sure plenty of people enter on behalf of family for whatever reason, (not solely for their own profit)and wonder where this fits in to the general scheme of things. Can I complain about 1 thing whislt technically flouting another?

  • Nostradamus

    i think this campaigns great. personally i’d like to a uniformed term of one entry per household, or per person. stop all forms of multiple entries. stop those entering half a dozen times with different phones etc.

  • @bristolgirl – the no 3rd party entries rule is a complicated one, and in essence it could mean losing the opportunity to enter on behalf of a relative. I guess that’s an issue for individual promoters to decide.

    Given the choice I’d sacrifice third party to see the back of the scourge that is automated entry services.

  • bristolgirl

    Yes I agree Jason but its quite difficult to complain about one whilst flouting another even for genuine reasons. I guess I could alter the template to exclude the 3rd party wording if you don’t mind or I can just point it all out and take a chance on carrying on entering on their behalf.

  • missblastoff

    Thanks for the post Jason – on behalf of Accolade Publishing we’d like to support this campaign and I’ve blogged at SuperLucky about it today:

  • @bristolgirl – if you’re unhappy with the 3rd party element of the template then feel free to edit. 🙂

    @missblastoff – welcome aboard. Hopefully that will mean more compers and promoters lend their support too.

  • emiai

    I am suprised people even sign up to these companies at all, it reeks of scam to me.

    Yes we will win you all this free stuff if you pay us money.. mmmkay…

    I think this is fantastic Jason, Lets hope promoters and compers pick up on these warnings and stay well clear of automated entry systems.