An Update On Our Competition Blogging

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by Jason 7 Comments

A few people (well actually one person, but in internet terms that counts as a few – there’s nowt like a bit of embellishment to give you an excuse to write something) have recently commented that they miss the Loquax Blog and that it was a good read. We’re glad that someone liked it enough to actually miss it!

Obviously with the recent shake up (can you believe it’s almost six months now) things have been put on back burners here and there – one of them being the blog. The problem being not one of lethargy but one of simply being kind of out the loop. Actually that last part is probably wrong, we don’t think we’ve ever really been in the loop. Yes we can write and comment about voting, automated entries and what have you… but it’s hard to maintain that line when you’re not overly involved as a comper.

The Loquax Team pretty much gave up entering competitions on a regular basis years back. The reasons were simply because we’re effectively promoting giveaways and it would seem wrong if we went on to win. That said we did enter competitions from time to time, but never at the scale or interest that others have done.

On top of that – if you spend all day updating competitions and dealing with compers – the last thing on your mind is spending the remainder entering the things. Further to that there’s only a limited amount of prizes that appeal – mainly holidays and cameras for me! I also have absolutely no interest in Pinterest, liking and sharing for hours on end on Facebook and prefer to use Twitter for chatting.

By not comping, by not getting involved with what’s happening amongst compers and not having an interest in at least 50% of what compers do – that does make it hard to then blog about things. Add to that – because there’s no comping going on at Duck HQ there’s no wins (or lack of wins) to commentate on and that means there’s even more limitation to where we can go as bloggers.

Now we’re not going to say we’ll never blog again!!

Had it not been for holidays last week there would have been a blog post about EE’s Glastonbury Competition. We also know some of you have received emails from The National Compers Alliance – and if time permits there’ll be a blog on their latest recruitment drive. Finally, comping has been on the telly this week – and we may comment on that too.

However, we need you to be our eyes and ears of the comping world.

Let us know if there are stories out there that you wish to appear in blog form. We’d also welcome guest blog posts from compers – perhaps you have a comment to make about comping, an issue to raise, have advice for others or want to tell us about a prize you’ve enjoyed. In other words this – like the forum – can be your mouthpiece to the comping world (well one or two people who read it lol).

In the meantime though we’ll try and keep the blog going as best we can.

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  • gaynorj

    Now that you are not directly posting up the competitions yourselves, are you not tempted to enter a few? You never know you might get hooked!

  • loobyvee

    My husband always says I talk enough for several people and it now looks like he is right! The idea of having guest bloggers is brilliant, I am always curious about how other people see this hobby.

  • Xander

    I always liked to read your blogs maybe they could be done quarterly or twice yearly and you could asked people to submit to those.

  • bristolgirl

    I like the idea of guest bloggers as well. 6 months have gone by very quickly. Glad to hear things are going well for you.

  • Emmasophie

    A guest blogger could be good but the forum is a kind of blog for the rest of us anyway…isn’t it? I do read the blog when the headline catches my eye – as I also have less time than a few years ago so I have to be choosy about what I do and sadly my comping time has reduced by around 95% – and subsequently this had affected my wins 100% (sad face)!

  • missblastoff

    Welcome back! 🙂

  • debbied

    Well I for one would love to know how you and Kirsty are finally getting on with your lives after this massive change!
    I know you gave us the reasons for changing Loquax and I may just be nosy but I hope that you have achieved what you needed from the change.