Has The Credit Crunch Changed Your Comping?

Posted on: October 30th, 2008 by Jason 14 Comments

Yesterday we were asked an interesting question about competitions and the credit crunch and it got us thinking! We were asked whether more people were taking up comping in the hope to try and win the expensive holidays and luxury items that perhaps once were a lot more accessible?

Over the last year we’d confidently say that there has been an increase in the number of people entering competitions. Increased comper numbers can in part be attributed to the “Martin Lewis Effect” and kudos to him for promoting competitions to his huge audience as a way to do some money saving.

Credit Crunch or no credit crunch, entering competitions has been a good way to accumulate goodies to either keep or sell. However, selling prizes is often regarded as a “no no” in some comping circles, most certainly it’s something some promoters dislike about compers and not an angle Loquax advocates.

With the credit crunch, however, it’s quite likely that even more people will now view their prizes as a way to earn extra income. Prizes such as iPods and DVD Players, which in our experience have been overlooked by many compers, may perhaps attract more entries than before! Holidays, cash and cars will definitely attract a lot more interest too.

But, all this is speculation and the best people to ask are you! So, has the credit crunch made you comp more or perhaps even comp differently? Have you cut back on postcard and text entries? Or has it made no difference whatsoever?

Finally, what are your tips for comping through the credit crunch?

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  • robinw

    it hasn’t made much difference yet – but it might make me give up comping because there is more competition and hence fewer prizes for the same amount of effort.

  • Carry

    I shall be trying even harder to win. Even entering prizes I don’t want,which if lucky enough to win I can sell,or use for gifts.

  • littleanne

    I am still comping but presents from mum for xmas will be stamps and my daughter a stamper to make my own postcards

  • felixthemoggy

    I will definately be trying harder to win. Credit Crunch or not I am not earning this year so Xmas will be expensive. I won’t go silly and enter comps that I have no interest in but will be on the lookout for hampers and things that would make great presents.

  • kevinwj

    No change. I will still only enter comps for things I would like for myself or my family. There are too many comps out there and too few hours in the day to mess about going for the tat, which if you realy want it can often be purchased quite cheaply.

  • xxsophiexx

    i have cut down on my postcard entries,but i dont win much on them anyway,what i save on stamps i put towards my text top-ups as text comps are where most of my winnings come from.

  • moggymom

    Thanks Sophie, I haven’t really thought about text comps as I feel that they would cost a lot, I think I will start looking at those.
    Re postcard comps I do royal mail surveys and get free stamps so use those for my P/C comps. I also look for prizes that I can use as prezzies as well.

  • elainelane

    I wonder how many of the people rushing into trying comping because of Martin Lewis and the credit crunch, will still be comping this time next year? I’m sure some seem to think of it as a get rich quick scheme, hence the “I havent won yet” whines after 2 or 3 months of comping.
    We shall see….

  • welsh34

    I’m trying harder with my comping and entering more competitions per day. Only enter postcard comps when I get stamps from doing postal surveys. Rarely enter text comps as I find that it is too expensive. Trying to enter GMTV etc comps every day which I really entered before. Need to now that hubby has had his hours cut in work.

  • barboofa

    Credit crunch or not I love to comp. The thought of winning keeps me hooked. I don’t enter expensive text comps, mostly online or postcard. Although some texts are cheaper than a stamp now. So still spending the same on my comping hobby.

  • Consultantwan

    I guess it has to a degree as I have been entering competitions with prizes that I myself don’t want/need but that would be useful as a gift for someone else.

  • I will definitely be comping more because I lost my job thanks to the credit crunch 🙁

    I’ve got the same motivation as before but just more time now….

    I have always thought of comping as like window shopping.

  • susanemily

    Dont do postcard comps now and only buy products with comps on, that we will use. Much to the disgust of family.

  • Alexbe34

    Only online entries now & cheap text messages as worried about postcards showing all your details which in this age on data theft is too risky :-(. Don’t like putting my phone no on either 🙁
    Getting more organized though with online entries by checking for good recent posting & bookmarking them .