Devon Property Competition To Conclude! Who Will Win Oldborough Retreat?

Posted on: May 6th, 2009 by Jason 5 Comments

Good news for everyone who bought a ticket for Devon Property with Fishing Competition! We told you a week or so ago that there was potentially light out at the end of the tunnel, well that light is shining even brighter. A message on the Wilshaw’s message board today (6th May) states that they’ve concluded discussions between themselves and The Gambling Commission and a winner will be chosen in the next couple of weeks.

Win a Devon Property with Fishing

This is a major result for The Wilshaws, who have endured one heck of a battle with The Gambling Commission since they completed the sale of all 46,000 tickets. In all honesty we really didn’t expect them to be offering the house as a prize. The odds seemed against them and based on previous win a house competitions their position looked precarious. However you have to admire their resolve and tenacity to take on The GC and fight to be able to complete the competition.

It’s also exciting news for all the other win a house competitions which will be hoping that this now sparks much needed life into the format.

If you have bought a ticket then now’s the time to get those fingers crossed as in a couple of weeks your £25 entry could be the ticket to a life changing property in Devon! Good luck – and wouldn’t it be great if it was a Loquax user who wins this fantastic prize.

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  • pussycats3

    I would dearly love to win this house and start a new life in a beautiful place where my cats would be safe.

  • Consultantwan

    If we win you and Judith can have a free holiday! Kirsty can come too if she is good!

    did I say if?? I obviously mean when!

  • Consultantwan

    ummm Jude even!

  • steveg2009

    As I am running one of these comps at the moment this could really set a precedent, and allow more to people to; A) Sell there homes this way and; B) help people, who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford a house, get on the Property Ladder. Well Done to the Wilshaws and Best Wishes.

  • aspotofluxury

    Lottery vs. game of skill?
    The real problem with the Wilshaw house competition that no-one seems to mention, was that everyone entering their competition had a correct answer.

    It was possible to have as many free guesses as you liked, until you guessed the correct answer. This was clearly NOT a game of skill, knowledge or judgement, but an illegal lottery, despite the GC backing down for a yet unknown reason.

    I and my partner have been personally informed on the telephone by Mr Cliff Young of the GC, that 50% of the entrants must get the answer WRONG! however, when he was later questioned about that statement by our solicitor, he denied saying 50%, and changed it to 20%.

    Come on GC, how can we work to your Acts, when you have adjustable goal posts?

    Paul (