Do People Win at MyOffers?

Posted on: March 27th, 2007 by Jason 12 Comments

One of the most popular questions asked at Loquax is “Do People Win at MyOffers? MyOffers was one of the first major data collection competition sites and has been around since 1999. Owned by IPT, they claim they are the “number 1 competitions & prize site” (and statistically they probably are!). They feature on a number of large portals including MSN and Tiscali. They are the UK’s largest online data collector/data builder and claim to complete over 4 million questionnaires a month. Amongst IPT’s other sites are QuizPlayer, Webbrands, Every Investor and Daily Diet Tracker.

A first time visitor to MyOffers would be impressed with the vast array of prizes on offer. There are cars, including a Mazda, Mini Cooper and VW Golf, holidays to Las Vegas, New York, South Africa and Vietnam, and the latest must have electricals and gadgets (although we couldn’t see a Playstation 3 though).

Essentially, MyOffers is a data collection service, offering a mixture of it’s own prizes, and promoting competitions run by other companies. To enter you’ll need to provide answers to the marketing questions. The site is nicely laid out and easy to use. As with other Road Tests, we’ll see what kind of emails we receive in our inbox after registering a new account with them.

Registration is free and you’re required to provide the usual name, address, email plus they do ask for marital status, home ownership and number of children. Note that by registering you’re consenting to receive offers from them and partners. There’s no option to not receive emails. After registration you’re confronted with pages of great prizes to be won!

We choose a Sony Bravia TV to start with, but interestingly this appears to be the same competition that is being run at Sonycard. So, you can enter via MyOffers (and tell them about your credit cards) or direct through Sony (who are listed on Loquax, but remember we don’t ask you for any personal details to get to the competition).

The Cricket World Cup Final is soon, so we next try our chance at winning an “exclusive VIP tickets to the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup Final”. According to the terms, this is a MyOffers competition, and to enter all we have to do is answer three marketing questions about Dell, Dialaphone and Talktalk.

The next competition we look at is to win a Macbook. According to the terms (and we advise everyone to do this with every competition, not just MyOffers) the prize is either a Macbook, or a Sony Vaio or a Chloe handbag or a £750 cash alternative. This time we’re asked marketing questions about Books Direct, a mortgage company and a Timeshare service. We’re not fond of timeshare offers, but at least MyOffers don’t conceal the fact the offer is a timeshare!

So, do people win at MyOffers? Well there’s a winner’s section and there are lists of daily and monthly winners. There’s a featured winner section, that only features one winner and there’s also a regional winner page and this is quite fascinating. The regional winner section only shows results from 2005, but if you live in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland then MyOffers hasn’t been a lucky site! According to the information shown, there’s only been 24 winners outside England since 2005, and the bulk of MyOffers winners come from “Central Southern England” (263 winners with £131,481 of prizes since 2005).

However, there’s some discrepencies in the statistics! According to MyOffer’s Aladdin’s Cave section, in 2005 and 2006 they gave away over £500,000 of prizes, yet in the regional winners the total prize fund total is a mere £165,416. It would be interesting to see the regional distribution of winners with the real stats in place.

Discussion about MyOffers has been ongoing on Loquax for many years, and no doubt will continue to do so. They are a big company offering big prizes and therefore will always attract attention.

Here’s just some of the comments made by Loquax users in recent months.

The chances of winning on sites like My Offers is really remote. The odds are stacked against you cos of the sheer number of people who enter their comps.

I have been doing all MyOffers competitions every month for a couple of years, the only thing I have won turned out to be a timeshare thing so I didn’t accept the prize.

I actually won with My Offers I did receive a cheque for £250 but it took nearly a year and lots of chasing up!!

In conclusion, yes people do win at MyOffers! It is actually possible to win a prize with them (although we’d not count timeshare prizes as “wins”), although the general feedback from compers is not that positive about the company.

So, If you want to be successful at MyOffers our advice is simple: move to Southern England and cross your fingers – it’s probably your best chance of winning a prize.

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  • baaaf459

    i have been doing my offers comps for 2 years and won nothing!!!!

  • sarah592

    i pretty much give up with myoffers ,hopeing this one is better 🙂

  • les123

    I feel like i’ve been a member forever and haven’t won anything either, i give up for awhile entering them at myoffers then i do a spurt for a few weeks. i will stop i will ll

  • Rankeillor

    yes i have won!! on my offers i live in northern ireland and have won 2 flights to new york!!! great site so keep trying and when you are not excepting to win you will.


    if you enter a large amount of questionaires you are supposed to get a free gift, I have entered over ninety on a regular basis and a sign comes up saying congrationlations you have won our 5 star prize and we will be emailing you
    needless to say I am still waiting months later ,I think its a scam to get you to enter more forms
    I think my offers web site is a swizz

  • ginnettes

    I used to enter myoffers comps regularly and was told that I had won a ceramic cooking dish. The problem was, they told I had won it in september, when the draw had finished in june and you had 3 months to claim your prize. I could not claim my prize so i emailed them and explained this. They never got back to me; so I emailed them again and said I can only take it that your site is a con if you do not respond to my message.
    And guess what! They did not respond.
    So, now I do not waste my time.
    I take it my name is on a winners list so it looks authentic.
    I’d say avoid!

  • Rierie

    I’ve been on MyOffers for a few years and won nothing, I have however had numerous unwanted phone calls from companies I specifically ticked the No box for, so it doesn’t matter if you want someone to call because they will. I’ve actually unregistered now as I had a call today from someone quoting MyOffers competitions and I haven’t even done any competitions for a few months. The free gift isn’t even worth the postage and can mainly be picked up for hardly anything.

  • gillwilliamson

    I live in Scotland I have just started with Myoffers and I won £750 of Sainsbury vouchers It was a 3 day comp What ever that is Was it a scam ? I was at the Sainsbury store outside Edinburgh and had a wonderful spending spree on Sunday. Answer to question NO it was not a scam So my advice is Keep trying

  • Maggles

    Has anyone ever reported them to Trading Standards because with the amount of question marks over this company then it might be worth considering, or even reporting them to WatchDog on BBC to see if they look into them.

  • Doreenbennett

    I won £750 and promptly paid in May 2011. However they are not very good at responding to email queries

  • delyn222

    i think its a big con they send me e mails saying congratulations pick one of 3 prizes when i try to put my name and andress which they already have it keeps going to other web sites which you have to pay for when i sent them a email about this didnt even bother to answer ill stick to loquax in future fab site thanks

  • lisita

    Surely a site as big as this one is closely monitored by the competition regulators?