Do You Say Thanks For The Prize?

Posted on: December 18th, 2011 by Jason 36 Comments

Over the years we’ve run a number of our own competitions and are often surprised by the reactions we get from winners to news about a win. Some are effusive about receiving good news whilst others seem less so. Some don’t even know they’ve won as emails are ignored.


We’re often amazed how many times people don’t reply to news of a win. We use email and our PM system on Loquax to notify users – but quite often they’ll be ignored. It seems like some people enter competitions and then never bother to see if they’ve won!

Thankfully some people do reply.

Everyone likes getting a bit of praise so the kind comments we get from winners do make an impression. It’s nice to hear that people are happy to have won! However something as small as a “thank you” can go a long way.

But, some replies we get from winners are simply their name/address sent in reply. No hello, thanks, or how’s your father! Yes, it does the job but it’s a bit blunt. You can bet that the same people then don’t even acknowledge that they’ve received their prize.

It’s a little disappointing!

OK a “thanks” isn’t obligatory but it did occur to us that if this is what we see, then perhaps it’s also what other promoters see. And if we feel a little disappointed by some reactions then they too must feel the same. That surely can’t help the impression that some corners of the internet have about compers?

So here’s our suggestions!

Firstly, keep a closer eye on your emails and your junk mail boxes. Perhaps as a New Year’s Resolution look at setting up some filters on your account to pull out anything that says “win” or “winner”. You might get some spam emails in there but you might not lose a prize.

Secondly, it you do get a Winning Email (WEM) then remember that a “thank you” costs nothing and it takes an extra couple of seconds to send it alongside any details a promoter has asked for. There’s often another person at the end of the email, so a little acknowledgement is nice.

Finally if you have the opportunity (or you remember) let the promoter know that your prize has turned up. Perhaps this isn’t needed for small prizes, but it’s worth considering for bigger and more expensive items?

At this time of year some compers will be thinking about starting a “2012 Challenge” to spur them on over the next 12 months! Well, our proposal is let’s try and get compers seen in a better light! A “thank you” might not be able to change a great deal, but it could make a lot of difference to how a promoter feels about running future competitions.

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  • c2lass

    I honestly cannot believe that some people will not have the common courtesy to say a thank you. But then again, I keep reading about cheaters, multiple accounts etc so these most be the same people who have no scruples.

    I always send a thank you. If I am notified by email I reply with a thank you and to let them know how delighted I am with the prize, and thank them for choosing me as a winner. If the win is from Facebook or Twitter, I also always post a thanks.

    Also, when I actually receive the prize, again I always send a further email, message to let them know the prize has been received, and again express my gratitude.

    Manners cost nothing. Sadly alot of people are lacking in this basic skill.

  • meldrew

    When i receive news of a win the first thing i do before giving any details is to say thanks, i also send a quick email or post on fb wall a thanks when i receive the item.

    Of course some prizes turn up with no note of where they came from like the bed i won and after sending lots of emails to various sites where i had entered the comp to win that item i eventually found out where it had come from and was able to thank them-i wouldn’t do that for a small win though!

    Thanks to Loquax and the quack tracker it’s quite easy to track down a comp you have entered.

    Manners cost nothing and a quick appreciation of a prize may make the difference between a company running another comp or not.

  • fluffywhite

    I always thank the company/promoter and I always tell them once I have received my prize with a Thank you note too.
    Not very nice to think some people don’t even say a “Thanks” :/

  • Starbuck

    I always say thanks. I’ve even had replies from some companies saying that they are pleased I like the prize. It’s sometimes good to remember that there’s a human being on the other end of a WEM!

  • Caz162

    I always say thanks, I’m sorting out a makeover prize with a PR company now and I’ve said ‘thanks again’ about ten times now, it’s borderline gushy!

  • Joeyl

    I always say thanks by email or on facebook if I’ve won, just seems fair 🙂 Also say thanks usually at the end of emails anyway.

    I sometimes forget to say thanks on phone though as sometimes they can talk and talk and just agree with them or reply to their questions 🙂

  • devon007

    If I get a WEM I always say thank you before giving any necessary details – it’s the courteous thing to do! But I sometimes get companies where they come back and say how nice to receive a thank you, leaving me to think the courteous people are in the minority.
    I like to send Thank You cards whenever I can, especially for the really big prizes, and postcards to the company and promoter if I have won a holiday – saying how much I am enjoying it. I’ve even been known to send little holidays gifts!
    After all, we’re getting things for free for (often) very little effort – I appreciate very much the things I win. I couldn’t do without my wins! So a big Thank You to loquax, to Jason, to Kirsty, and to everyone who puts in time and effort on here, to the promoters and suppliers – THANK YOU!

  • poshpink

    I always say thanks – its good when someone appreciates you or what you’ve done.

  • QED

    I always say thank you if I possibly can. – Very occasionally there isn’t contact information to do so.

  • seekerwolf

    I always say thank you and let them know when a prize arrives when I have contact details. I wouldn’t dream of not thanking someone for a gift, why is a prize any different?

  • nannyt

    Always say thank you and contact them again when the prize is received.

  • janeg88

    Yeah I’m another one who says thankyou, and usually something like wow how exciting (which it is)

    Agree that sometimes its impossible to thank anyone as there is no indication as to where it has come from.

  • hazelangell

    I always start my reply with something along the lines of – “Hello ……, Thank you so much for choosing me as the winner of your recent competition I’m so pleased/thrilled/over-joyed” give my details and always finish with Thanks Again. I too send an email or leave a note on Facebook to say thank you when the prize has arrived and let them know how quick I think their delivery was or how polite so and so was on the phone, how lovely the packaging/wrapping was etc (wow maybe I go over the top sometimes oops). When I recently won the fridge freezer I let them know that it really had made my Christmas extra special, because it has. Often companies will let me know they’re always grateful to hear from their winners. It costs nothing to show a bit of gratitude , especially to the smaller and less known about companies. I think it’s especially nice if you can post on their Facebook page even if it’s an online win so that other people can see the good feedback of the company and I feel that way I am giving something back.

  • hazelangell

    Ohh I always say hope they have a lovely weekend/Christmas/evening etc too – I actually am slightly worried now as I may come across as a bit false but I mean every word. 🙂

  • MountainAsh

    If I have any kind of address, I always say thank you. Some people are just so rude. It amazes me that anyone winning a large prize – to me thats anything over £25 value – cant be bothered to acknowledge the time and effort spent in running the comp.

  • acalland

    I always say thank you unless something is sent without a note,I have won a few days out and will always report back as to how wonderful my day/break was.
    I find this is really appreciated and think all compers need to do it,after all we are getting fab things for very little or no cost and my family and I have had lots of treats we would never be able to afford if I had not won them.

  • aliali

    I always send a thank you letter or email. There’s only been a few instances where this has been impossible,where I’ve had no idea where I won the prize from.

  • mumma

    I also always say Thanks very much- however small or large the win is – can’t believe some people don’t – its just polite- and i am always genuinely grateful. Thanks to all who post the competitions on loquax. Happy Christmas and good luck to all.

  • Kopgirl

    I also always send a thank you email or letter and again when I receive the prize. If it’s a twitter comp, I tweet my thanks as well-some positive promotion for the company and uplifting for other compers to see people do win.
    (This has reminded me to update my email address on Loquax as well!)

  • libra100

    I always say thank you when winning a prize. Also send an email when the prize arrives.

    It’s a small courtesy, costs nothing, and takes little time. Just shows appreciation that you have won and thanks the promoter for running the competition.

  • tizliz

    My BIG prize was presented by the local mayor. Afterwards I sent her a cheque for her charity of the year, thought it was the least I could do as she had taken a chunk out of her day to come and present the prize – though she did get a nice lunch.

    But what do you do when you receive a runner up prize with no idea at all where it came from. I won some mugs last week (2nd prize this year !!) but can’t work out where they come from. I am not on the list of winners on the site I thought they came from, so no thank you from me this time.

  • LaLupa

    I always say ‘Thank You’ as I’m really grateful to be informed that I’ve won something! It costs nothing to be polite, after all. I know we all receive prizes from unknown sources, and I do wish our prize-givers would let us know where our wins have come from so that we can thank them.

  • mogarry

    I always say thank you too and again when I have received my prize.I cannot understand why some prize winners don`t bother to do this,it surely is the polite thing to do !!!!

  • Laine21

    I always say thank you, some companies I have thanked have said that they are surprised when they get a thank you from a winner.

  • hks

    I am another one that always says thank you and I aways do a follow up email/letter when the prize has arrived. Unless like others have said it turns up out of the blue and I can’t trace it. Funny thing is people do tend to rember you if you do this. I had a small win last year from a famous sweet company (they run many comps over the year)and I won another small one again with them just about a year later my email told me to ring a number about delivery of the prize and the lady on the end of the phone said to me “you won last year didn’t you, I remember your happy voice”. So it just goes to show.

  • platypus

    I don’t win many prizes,but I will always send thanks. My last win (last week) was a beautifully hand made bird table.
    The craftsman who also set the competition was so pleased that the prize was going to someone who really appreciated the work that he had put in. Because of that he made sure it arrived before Christmas.

  • NanaVal

    I always do – in fact I get a bit carried away in the excitement! And again when the prize arrives. It’s very frustrating when things turn up with no indication whatsoever of where they’re from. Do me best, but can’t always track them down (not that there’s that many!)
    Good tip about the filter to highlight emails containing win, or winner. Not sure how to go about it though. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with emails. I find facebook the worst as i’ve seen winners posted on facebook, with instructions to email your details to claim your prize. So easy to miss out on a prize, and so hard to read everything on facebook.

  • kazzywazzy

    I also always say thankyou whenever I can no matter how big the prize, get frustrated when things just turn up and you can’t find out where they have come from as I really would like to say thankyou. I have received some nice emails back saying that they are so pleased that I enjoyed my prize, a few manners cost nothing and to be honest I think it is just common courtesy. Thankyou to everyone for all your hard work on here and Merry Christmas to you all.

  • goldy36

    Yes, I always try to say Thank You, as long as a know where a prize has come from. I say thank you when I get a winning email, phone call or letter and when I receive the prize. I usually thank the promoter publicly on Facebook and/or Twitter when I find out I have won and then when I receive the prize. Sometimes it is hard because prizes just turn up with no indication of where they have come from. Promoters and PR companies don’t tend to expect any thanks and they are often surprised when someone says thank you.

  • wendyclayton

    Whenever I get a WEM I respond with “thank you for choosing me as a winner of xxxxx” and then my details. I have an e-mail folder that I keep all my WEM’s in so that I can send another e-mail when i receive the prize (or chase up when I don’t). I had my first Facebook wins (2) last week and posted on their walls to say thank you. As others have said many prizes arrive with no identification of their origin, but a little bit of searching loquax usually comes up trumps and then I use the contact us on their website to give my thanks. I am really grateful for every prize I receive and it is courteous to say thank you to the company that has picked your entry as a/the winner.

  • paperbackbutterfly

    I’ve only won small prizes to far but I always say thank you and let the promoter know when they have arrived. It’s just courtesy really. I’m always thrilled to have won as so many people enter, it’s lovely to be picked out.

  • uadbear

    I have only won small prizes, but I always say thank you to the company involved.

  • Polarbear

    Absolutely yes, i do say thank you, except in those cases where a prize just turns up, you didn’t know you’ve won it (no wem, text or phone call) nor do you know where you have won it from as they didnt enclose a compliments or congratulations slip. I have had many posirtive responses from the promotors and prize providers who are absolutely delighted to be acknowledged and have struck up several mini conversations by way of email with some very nice people.

    There have of course been the very rare hiccup where a prize i am expecting doesnt arrive and one company Daisy Green- even suggested it was up to me to chase the prize with the prize provider rather than them, i had to quicky and perhaps harshly point out that they ran the competition and it was they who should be doing the chasing- the “boss” got involved and she successfully secured the prize and resolved the situation.

    Another website took several months to get a robot salt and pepper pot set to me, their promo company insisted it had been sent and signed for, i maintained it had not- well we hadnt signed for it anyway- fortunately the the website were on my side and we together challenged the promo company to provide a compy of the so called signature they had proof of delivery with- they then back tracked and admitted they had no such signature, the website owner hunted down and supplied me with the condiment set themselves and with my full backing and support intended to bill the promo supply company for the purchase- they are also dropping them as one of their supply companies, so well done to them, a big fail on behalf of the promo supply company and a customer lost. But while some companies are slow or very slow at sending prize- i am STILL waiting for a box of chocolates won on an Arniston Bay competition in October, others are very very fast, i have some prizes arrive either the day after being sent the wem or the day after that (depending on how quickly i spot and respond to the wem email.)

    Anyway werther sent the prize quickly or painfully slowly, i always but always give credit where it is due and thank the website or individual who gets the job of chasing up or sending a prize, it is after all the courteous and polite thing to do.

  • Tashja

    I always send a thank you !! Just sent one for a framed picture that arrived today – letting the now it arrived safely and that I was thankful for it. Surely that is just good manners 🙂 x

  • crazyminx

    How can you not say thankyou before giving your contact details? That’s insane! 😮

    I try and say thanks after it’s arrived too though I’ve forgotten once or twice. If it’s something by twitter or facebook I will try and tag them in a tweet/message too for a little bit of publicity 🙂

  • Jul20137

    I would definitely remember to say thank you. I certainly remembered to say thank you today (nearly a hundred times) after finding out that I had won my first ever prize from a competition.