How Would You Like To Be On Prize Island?

Posted on: July 11th, 2012 by Jason 5 Comments

Prize Island probably sounds like comping heaven so how would you like to set sail to this exotic location? Well, thanks to ITV you soon will be able to as Prize Island is the name of a forthcoming game show. It comes from Endemol, the people who are behind Big Brother and Total Wipeout, and promises to be “fantastic family fun in a stunning, paradise island setting” according to ITV.

Beach View - Mozambique

The show will be hosted by Alexander Armstrong (he does those weird Directline Adverts) and Emma Willis (married to a guy out of Busted and is quite good on I’m A Celeb’s ITV2 show). In the show, contestants will put their “skills, relationships and resourcefulness put to the test among sand dunes, coconut palms and sweeping grasslands” (Press Association).

The article continues to say that “four couples will compete in a series of challenges and games set in various locations across the island, amassing prizes and the chance to win a £50,000 cash prize”!

Sounds good so far?

If so then you’re probably wondering “how do I become a contestant on Prize Island”?

All you have to do is head on over to and make your application. ITV are “looking for teams of two (couples/family/best friends) with a sense of adventure to take up the prize island challenge and enjoy the journey of a lifetime”. You have until the 25th August 2012 to complete the form and send it in for consideration.

The questions are fairly standard TV game show fair. For example, “What is the most daring and/or dangerous thing you have ever done?”, “Do you have any phobias?”, “Five words to describe your partner?”, “Why would you like to stranded on a desert island with your partner?” and “Why would you NOT like to be stranded on a desert island with your partner?”

The form also gives you an indication of where the programme is being filmed – but it also comes with a warning: “Please do not apply if your main motivation is a free trip to Mozambique as unfortunately you will not get to see much of the place!”

It’s well worth spending some time in making sure your application is perfect. Try and stand out from the crowd, think carefully about your answers, and make sure you and your partner do the application together. Check, double check and triple check everything before you fire it off!

Who knows, later this year you could be off to compete on Prize Island! Go on, give it a go!

Apply For Prize Island

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  • SandraDJ

    Sadly it’s not for me. I’m afraid I’m not a very adventurous person!

  • Caz162

    Good idea but not for me. You can bet if u put spiders as a phobia then that would be your first challenge.

  • suroben

    My first thought was OH would never do it and my second thought was, like Caz162, spiders? Then bugs? Loos? I don’t think so.

  • tdighton

    i got email about this but you have to apply then be selected for audtions which yu have to pay to travel there and back then you have to get selected out of 100’s of people to go on the prize island

  • jo2802

    We applied, had our interview in Cardiff yesterday (which for us was a big deal as we live 3 hours away in Cornwall!) BUT, we were short listed from our group – they only kept 4 couples, so were are very, very excited, because out of the thousands that applied we got through to the next stage, and then are a little bit closer to what will be the most amazing experience…we got married in June, it was my 50th and my husbands 40th this year and we are expecting our first grandchild this year, so we feel it is our lucky year. So watch this space…and I dont care for spiders much but I am one determined lady when prizes like a car with 50k in the boot are at stake!!!