I Should Be So Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

Posted on: December 15th, 2011 by Jason 11 Comments

For some people, if they see a penny and pick it up then all day long they’ll have good luck. For others, they’ll just have a penny and then get home to find they’ve lost a fiver! Luck is a mysterious force. Some people seem to be luckier than others, some even say they are super lucky whilst others bemoan the fact that Lady Luck has long left the building.

Luck is defined as “good fortune which occurs beyond one’s control, without regard to one’s will, intention, or desired result”. In comping that can be applied to having your name drawn out of the hat and being announced as the winner.

However, can you improve your luck?

As you’d probably expect there’s been studies on luck. In 2003, Professor Richard Wiseman of The University of Hertfordshire did a study on the subject. He even came up with some top tips on being lucky. These include “being open to new experiences”, “spending a few moments each day remembering things that went well” and “visualise yourself being lucky”.

These top tips can be applied in the comping world – although in some cases it’s more about playing the percentages rather than increasing your luckability factor (we made this term up, but it sounded good).

Being Open To New Experiences!

A lot of compers stick to the same routines. Easy entry prize draws, on certain sites, for selected prizes. Remember, the easier it is to enter a competition the more likely you’re going to be up against a lot of other entries (and even automated entries). So try something different! Try different kinds of competitions and sites.

If free prize draws aren’t yielding results then why not try a few creative ones? If you’re spending all your time tweeting but have no prizes for your efforts consider trying Facebook, or blogs or perhaps a few postcard comps!


Many compers bemoan the fact that they’ve not won in ages. Some have never won and unfortunately they’re doomed (we’re kidding), but others have been incredibly lucky and it’s amazing just how quickly people do forget their wins. So if you’re feeling down spend a few moments reflecting on what you’ve got out of comping.

If you’re sat there thinking “a great holiday”, “good cash prizes”, “electricals” or even “a brand new car” then great stuff. Hopefully some of you have remember the friendships you’ve made over the years too.

However, if the best you’ve had in 20 years of comping is a Cliff Richard CD then it might be time for another hobby. Or you need to start thinking lucky….

Visualise Yourself Being Lucky

This doesn’t have to be on the scale of Noel Edmunds and Cosmic Ordering theory, but a bit of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) can go a long way. How many times do you hear people saying they’re not going to try something because they won’t win? And how often do you go through your comping routine thinking “I’m fed up of this” but carry on regardless?

It’s time to stop being a negative chicken and think “yes I’m going to win” every time you enter a competition. Visualise receiving a WEM or collecting the prize from the parcel depot because the delivery guy couldn’t be bothered to knock on your door. Perhaps even look at your computer for five minutes and think “win”, “win”, “win”.

Actually, no don’t as that’s a bit too Yuri Geller – but you get the idea!

Take A Break!

Professor Richard Wiseman might have studied luck, but he hasn’t studied compers. Nor have we really, but we do recognise the fact that some people do get very jaded with the hobby. They plough on without enthusiasm or desire and that’s not good.

So take a break!

A day, a week, two weeks, a month – as long as you like. Comping is fun, Loquax is fun, but neither are the be all and end all – so if you’re not up for comping don’t do it! It’ll still be here when you get back – provided you’re back in reasonable time. If you take a 25 year break don’t expect Jason & Kirsty to still be updating Loquax.

Finally – Enjoy It!

Being lucky and winning a competition is a great feeling – but you can still enjoy comping when times are lean. Be positive and try something new – plus try and enjoy the comping community. Whether it’s on Loquax, Facebook or Twitter there’s a place to chill out and chat with like minded people. Yes you can all be miserable about not winning together encourage each other to the next win!!

Good luck… and do let us know if your luck changes!

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  • elainelane

    I like the idea of having a luckability factor (made up expression or not) and being able to influence it. I’ve been comping for more years than I care to remember, back when you were seen as a weirdo if you asked in shops for entry forms.
    My win rate has plummeted over the last few years with the growing popularity of comping and I’m guilty of that “why do I bother” feeling. So after lots of nagging from comping friends- you know who you are! – I gave in and embraced facebook, and within a week was the proud owner of a brand new ereader. So I’m back with renewed enthusiasm.

  • hazelangell

    I keep a list on my computer of all my wins and print them out, then when I think “Ohhh I haven’t won anything for ages , I never win” I get bring up my list and amaze myself with how fortunate I’ve actually been since I started in March. Some of my comping friends will often say “Ohh it’s been aggggeeess since I had a win” …and the I remind them that only two or three months back they won a fabulous smart phone/kitchen appliance/hamper/iPad2 …!! When you put in efforts over weeks/months and don’t win for a while it can seem your efforts are wasted and of course it’s easy to feel disheartened – I just think to myself, well I could’ve been wasting my time playing Xbox for which there isn’t really a reward?! There are lots of hobbies that people take up and spend an awful lot of time and money on for which they don’t get a physical reward (prize) but they still do it because they enjoy it – and if you’re not enjoying comping any more then take a break perhaps? it’ll always be here and you don’t HAVE to enter everything and comp every single day, I think comping is the most rewarding hobby ever – even if the wins are few and far between at times.

  • suemenzies

    I had my first WEM a couple of days ago, only for a small win, but that doesn’t stop me living in hope! Today, after finishing work for christmas, I have sent an email to the team (bosses included) which may end up getting me the sack! The way I feel at the moment that could actually be a BONUS! But I could really do with some prizes coming this way and I continue to think ‘positive’.

  • hary

    Great read Jason. Reading your blogs (when I do see them on the main page when logging in) is one thing I do to get out of my comping mode. Have to admit to being one of those moaning about lack of wins this year. Have taken what you said onboard on here (and a forum thread) about trying something different. Thank you (Kirsty too) for a lovely site. Merry Christmas!

  • gozo cat

    Great blog Jason! I can recommend a break from comps if it just becomes too weary not winning……..after some lovely wins in 2005/6 (several regular prizes of about £30 each) I stopped, just didn’t have time etc. I finally revisited this wonderful website in Oct 2010 and by mid Nov 2010 had won a 3k holiday to New York! My first ‘biggie’ and a dream win!!

  • Ennill1

    Are you lucky or not? I don’t know – there is no science to it but some people seem to be luckier than others.

    Take for example my OH – he does not comp or gamble – but sometimes he is persuaded to buy a raffle ticket – inevitably he wins something…

    I was out with a group of friends and he came to pick uss up – they were doing a draw in the club – he walked in at the last minute and was basically bullied into taking part in a draw – he won….

    When I was working in a statistics department,went to lunch with one of the ‘high flyers’ and we were sat next to a fruit machine and he was explaining to me how you can never win the machine always does, and to demonstrate his point he put 10p in the machine – he won the jackpot…

    I don’t win much these days because,due to lack of time etc, I enter the easy just click here type of comps – so I am competing against 1000 x others – the chances of winning are v low, but then, if you are not in it you can’t win it has to be my motto. But then, sometimes you get the unexpected win – which is great.

    Loquax is a great site – when I get fed up of comping, I have the option of giving my opinion (probably too often),but I enjoy it!!

  • libra100

    Great blog Jason. This year I haven’t won a great number of prizes, mainly entering the ‘click and run’ easy entry competitions.

    However, had a few wins lately – mainly on Facebook, a kindle, which I love, Thornton Chocolates, saved for Christmas, and a Lenova IdeaPad, yet to receive.

    The Lenova win was very low entry and you had to submit jokes relating to tablet PCs. Very few of the entrants had followed the rules completely and must have disqualified themselves from entering the competition.

    It proves what you say that you should spend time reading the terms and conditions, and enter comps which take a little more effort.

    My New Year resolution is going to be ‘think lucky, lucky, lucky’ ………….. sending positive vibes to everyone.

  • Midastouch

    I’m a very upbeat person. Don’t know if it comes down to my star sign (Aries) but I always believe I’ll win summat, I do the visualising etc and I do win. People could be walking on by in the street and I’ll be the one to pick up the tenner (oh yes). I never say negative things to myself and sometimes shudder when compers say, “I’ll enter that but I know I’m not going to win”. I immediately think, “that rules you out then”.

    Some people are just naturally pessimists. Unsure if comping should be there hobby though. Would love to hear from negative people who have won loads of prizes lol

  • hollfras

    Very positive! think more people should be like that! I’ve been comping for 4 years and all i have won is a pair of tickets to a car show and a cuddly toy but it doesn’t put me off – my time will come 😉

  • maureenm

    I always live in hope of winning “The Big One”. Until them I get a great deal of pleasure from the many small prizes I win.I am and will always be the eternal optimist!

  • janetyng

    I’m so hoping I will be lucky this year. I am sixty four so hope it will be my time. I shall have to do more postcard ones.