Loquax’s Top 8 Tips for Advent Competitions 2011!

Posted on: November 29th, 2011 by Jason 12 Comments

Rather than rewrite our advent tips for another year, we’ve brought back our blog post from 2010 and given it a bit of an update! Christmas is less than 25 days away but before the Loquax Team get a couple of hours off to have a bit of turkey dinner and watch Eastenders (that’s all the time off we get) there’s the small matter of the advent competitions.

An advent competition is just like your traditional advent calendars but instead of a picture or chocolate behind the door each day there’s usually a prize draw. You simply visit the site running the competition, enter and repeat for 24 days!

A Loquax Mug Earlier Today

A lot of sites run advent competitions (expect anything between 75 and 250). Some are good, some are fun and some are frustrating. This year we expect to see plenty running via Twitter and Facebook too, so it’s going to get a bit manic! To make your life easier we have our list of advent competitions.

We’ve also included Facebook and Twitter indicators so you can see at a glance how some giveaways are running. Plus as we have a strong bingo section on Loquax, some of these sites do appear in our list. The good news for 2011 is that we’ve now broken things down for you to make the listings clearer.

Top Tips for Advent Competitions

1. Don’t wait up! We’ll be up around midnight doing a few updates and checks but the advents will be online in the morning and most run for 24 hours. They are exciting, but trust us they’re not that exciting!

2. Don’t panic! The first day of advent always throws up a few late starters or something goes wrong. Just move on and try another competition. Compers might not sleep but techie people do.

3. Be Selective! You don’t need to enter them all (unless you want to).

4. Watch for Locals! Some of the radio competitions and shopping centre competitions are for local residents only or you have to collect the prize. If you’re not in the area then save time and leave it for others. Don’t worry, we’ve indicated “locals” on our advent list!

5. Enter the Loquax Advent Competition! It’s the easiest of them all to do and it takes seconds. We have mug prizes that we’d love to give to Loquax fans again this year. Plus we also have Groupon vouchers to giveaway weekly and an overall prize of a Kindle.

6. Pace Yourself! Advent entries tend to drop off around mid December. People are at parties, doing the shopping or have just got bored. You have (at least we think so) a better chance of winning later in the month, so keep your enthusiasm up.

7. Enter Other Competitions! Sounds obvious but with everyone charging after advent prizes many people forget to do the usual stuff.

8. Enjoy It! Advent competitions are just an extra bit of fun at this festive time of year. Treat it as that rather than a chore – that applies just as much to your day to day comping too. If you miss a day then don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow (unless it’s Christmas Eve then you’re in trouble).

Good luck with the advents. If you do spot one we’re missing please let us know and don’t forget to enter our own advent comp too.

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  • jayanna

    I love the new Loquax mug design. Fingers crossed.

  • MountainAsh

    All the hard work is very much appreciated. Thanks!

  • littleanne

    Loquax mugs are fabulous mine mine mine please!!!!

  • bestkeptsecret

    Thanks for this advice. I didn’t realise how many there would be haha

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  • Rara

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Loquax mug this year, though I am not holding my breath lol

  • sasba

    I love this time of year, so many comps and even if you dont win there fun to do

  • Sophwar

    I LOVE the Advent comps . . . ! I also want a Loquax mug but wouldn’t settle for a Christmas hamper!

  • JSH

    This is really helpful thanks…Have never won an advent comp but no doubt will be giving it another go this year!
    Don’t wait up? I will be finishing work at 2am most nights in December so my best shot at these will be whilst eating dinner between 2.30 – 3.30. I will let you know if the early bird catches the worm ;)or the mug hehe

  • hazelangell

    Thanks Jason, my first year doing advents – part of me is dreading it the other part is excited. I’ve decided I’ll probably just bookmark the ones I want to do most, that way the list won’t seem so long and daunting every morning 🙂 is it terrible that I’m planning a VERY early night so I can be up extra early to get advents done before my normal comping routine? well that’s the plan although I doubt very much if I’ll stick to it. Good luck everyone 🙂

  • ellams

    Thanks for the useful information.

  • crazyminx

    Thanks so much for the brilliant advent lists. This is my first year doing them and I’m excited!