Name That Team – Win A £3000 Prize Package

Posted on: September 4th, 2013 by Jason 5 Comments

How well do you know football teams? We’re not talking Premiership, or even The Championship! In fact we’re not even talking about the rest of The Football League! How well do you think you know the likes of the Scottish Premiership, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, Brasilero and The MLS. Oh yes we forgot to mention you need to know some rugby teams too.

Name That Team

BT Sport want to test your knowledge and have created a graphic that depicts 44 different football teams and rugby teams! Using your skill and knowledge it’s your task to figure out which teams are shown. For example the Red Devil represents Manchester United – so that’s 1 down and just 43 left to figure out.

If you manage to get all 44 correct then you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win an Entertainment package worth £3000, including a 46” Samsung TV, vouchers, a Samsung home theatre system, a 12 month BT Unlimited Broadband extra subscription and a YouView box and a 12 month TV Essential subscription and BT Sport.

If you don’t get all 44 teams then you could still win prizes. There are additional prizes of football and rugby tickets up for grabs too – for example the rugby ticket prize draw will include all entrants who correctly identify all the rugby teams.

You have until the 30th September to take part – and if you’re struggling don’t worry as your progress is saved. Note that you will need to login using your Facebook profile to be able to enter the prize draw. This is quite a complex competition – although we anticipate that there will be some assistance offered in comping circles… do try and have a go yourself first though.


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  • Polarbear

    Red Devils was an easy one- typical its the one they give you (man u) but i see The Gunners (arsenal fc) Chiefs (Exeter-rugby) the Magpies (newcastle u fc) Saints (Southampton fc) the seagulls (Brighton and Hove Albion) Flamingo (Flamengo- brazillian soccer team) Saracens (rugby) Chelsea Pensioners (Chelsea fc) its a start anyway 🙂

  • JSH

    excellent thank you, my OH will love this! About time he pulled his comping weight and all that Sky Sport watching to good use 😉

  • bristolgirl

    Well so far I have managed 21. That’s by myself in about 20 minutes. Getting seriously narked cos I cant find spurs, liverpool or villa which would complete the premiership.

  • bristolgirl

    Now found Liverpool and spurs so just villa to get.

  • bristolgirl

    Really enjoying this one as you can probably tell. Am no up to 43 all my own work as well.