NPN Route Requires Essay for Entry!

Posted on: June 21st, 2007 by Jason 5 Comments

We often see a number of purchase necessary competitions online. Soon the need to include a no purchase necessary option will be at an end (if it’s not already) but a number of sites, for example HMV, do offer a NPN route usually by post. However, today we’ve seen an interesting NPN route from Attitude Clothing, who in their latest competition are giving away a signed Jackson Guitar.

To enter the competition they require you to shop for some Ed Stone Merchandise. Anyone who buys from them before the end of July is included in the draw. However, if you prefer a NPN route then you’re going to have to do some serious typing:

To enter without making a purchase, please email with your name and address and let us [Attitude] know in no less than 1000 words why you should be the lucky winner! (Please note: The 1000 words must be made up of coherent, non-repeated sentences.)

That’s going to require some serious thought and effort, and if anything it’s designed (in our opinion) to put off the free entry route compers – and perhaps also the automated comping services. This means the prize will more than likely end up in the hands of someone who seriously would love to have that guitar – and that’s not such a bad thing after all.

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  • paulacomplicated

    Sound like they are making it immpossible to enter via the NPN route! i dont think i did some essays at school that long never mind on the subject of clothes

  • knighthowler

    I actually approve of this. The concept of a “true” competition is to reward the loyalty of those who have actually actively supported a brand and bought the product. I always have thought that prize draws are designed to attract attention to the product and hopefully hook individuals not reward. I sincerly hope skill becomes more prevalent in comping than mere luck

  • jibergurt

    I agree. To be honest I find it far easier to come up with 1000 words than I would ‘in under 12’ – which I stuggle with. Perhaps it’s just cos I can talk for England…

  • hali000

    I don’t see a problem with this, it isn’t too hard!


    I may have a bash at this! Love writing