Oldborough Retreat Finally Pick Winner of Devon Property With Fishing

Posted on: May 19th, 2009 by Jason 5 Comments

After almost a year since they appeared on The BBC and over six months since they sold the final ticket and The Gambling Commission stepped in to investigate the competition, The Wilshaws of Oldborough Retreat have finally concluded their win a house competition. Not only have they made someone the owner of a huge Devon estate with fishing for just £25 they have become the most successful win a house competition ever in the UK!

The winning ticket was announced on 19th May 2009.

If you’re the ticket holder then you’re about to become the owner of a 5 bedroom home in Devon along with 11 acres of woodland, lakes and fishing lodges.

So what happens now?

Well, The Wilshaws now have to attempt to contact the winner “first by phone, then by email and post”. They have a month to find the winner before an alternative winner is selected. Let’s hope that the lucky new owner steps forward asap so that this competition doesn’t suffer any more setbacks.

If all’s ok and the legalities are sorted then the winner will be officially announced!

A huge congratulations to the winner and much respect to The Wilshaws for completing their win a house competition.

We still wonder, however, whether this will be the start of more successful competitions or merely a blip on an otherwise difficult way to sell a property.

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  • Consultantwan

    My phone didn’t ring 🙁

    Still its been fun just imagining winning for all these months 🙂

    Congratulations to the lucky winner.

  • Pluckyduck

    Can’t help wondering if they have yet managed to ‘persuade’ paypal to part with a million pounds or whether the r*****g b******s, (paypal), will find another way to hold on to it. It took 6 months to squeeze £23 from my account!

  • Consultantwan

    Well it’s official..

    The Winner is:
    Christoph Jaeger from Hamburg, Germany

    Age: 36

    The Winning number is: OR91897

    I’m assuming he isn’t a Loquat 🙁

  • cellisstygal

    Glad it’s finally been resolved just sad I wasn’t successful!

  • cjandsue

    having bought several tickets and followed this to the end congratulations to the winner,but it hopfully inspired others to do this,we are launching ours in august with the same computer company,now the problems are out the way.anybody interested in a watermill set in the s france for £25 a go ,watch this space,and french property news