Pink Lady Apples Reveal Their Pink Fiat 500 Winner

Posted on: March 8th, 2012 by Jason 5 Comments

For Valentine’s Day this year, Pink Lady Apples ran a competition which offered a bright pink Fiat 500 as the top prize. To enter the competition you had to purchase one of the specially marked packs of apples as you needed a code. Now unlike the recent Covent Garden Soup Farm competition – where a consumer had to have the exact code to win, so the main prize didn’t get given away – this was a straightforward prize draw.

Everyone who picked up the product and went to the website to enter their code was included in the draw for the chance to win the car and other prizes. So, would you like to know who won the very brightly coloured car as seen below?

Of course you would!

Pink Lady Apples Winner

Thanks to Pink Lady Apples we can reveal that the star prize was won by a Samantha Williamson. A big congratulations to her! She can be seen here picking up the keys from Andy Macdonald, MD of Pink Lady UK.

Pink Lady Apples Winner

For those of you who are interested, the car is worth more than £11,000 and Pink Lady Apples had over 15,000 entries for the competition nationwide. There were also 200 runners up who won a variety of prizes including pink iPod nanos, kindles, digital cameras and Christian Dior beauty products.

It’s always nice to see winners and in our view not enough brands do the above. Not only is it good publicity but it also shows entrants that prizes can be won via these kind of competitions. Hopefully this will encourage a few more to come forward with a few snaps to share with us and with you.

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  • hazelangell

    Brilliant prize, I’m not normally a “pink” person but that is gorgeous. Well done to the winner.

  • annie0103

    I entered this comp and I don’t normally the apples, but have been since, as the apples I’ve found, are really lovely.
    I will continue to support Pink Lady for the transparency and fair way they ran the competition whereby there were prizes to actually be won – unlike New covent garden soup!

    Well done Pink Lady Apples and the winner!

  • Starbuck

    I didn’t enter the comp, but it’s lovely to see the winner. Congrats to Samantha and well done to Pink Lady for doing it how it should be done!

  • 2catjanet

    Not me again !!!

  • pokerfacelilmonster

    It’s gorgeous!!!