Suspensions, Setting Restrictions, Selling Prizes

Posted on: January 11th, 2008 by Jason 8 Comments

Susmans Suspend Their Competition
As of 11th January Biltong have stopped their competition. A note on their website states “Unfortunately we have suspended this until further notice due to a sad person abusing this great competition”. Loquax has contacted Biltong and are hoping to find out what has happened. Why anyone would abuse this competition is beyond us, but it’s sad that a long running competition could be lost.

Mansized Limit Entries To Regulars
Most competitions simply require you to answer a question and send in your details. You might have to register too. Mansized have taken things a huge step futher – for their new Xbox 360 competition “You need to post 50 times on our message boards to enter”. If you’re a regular poster then you have a good chance of getting a brand new console. In their recent competition a Macbook went to a ‘non-regular’ and so it seems to us that Mansized have reacted to keep their regular contributors happy.

Selling Prizes
We all know that many compers enter competitions to get something for nothing, and on occasions may sell their winnings. Fair enough! However, promoters often don’t like the idea that their giveaways are ending up on eBay or being sold, especially if the prize is high value or limited to specific usergroups (e.g. signed guitar, diving gear etc). By all means sell or swap your prizes (they’re yours to do what you like) – but perhaps it’s best not to announce you’re doing it from the roof tops, eh?

So how are these three items related?
Well, Loquax believes compers should be aware of the promoter and respect them for giving something away for free – and by not respecting the promoters could lead to more suspensions or tougher entry limits.

As compers we should be at least seen to be engaging with the promoters website, taking time to read their competition details, taking in their terms and conditions, answering the questions as required (not waiting to be handed the answer) and if we’re lucky enough to win – thank the promoter accordingly.

OK, the above is a utopian idea, but the point is this – just stop for a moment when filling in a form to enter a competition and consider the promoter and the site you’re visiting. It might not stop competitions being suspended or having hefty entry restrictions imposed or the prize eventually ending up on eBay, but at least promoters will know that some compers are trying to be a bit more considerate towards them!

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  • t1gger

    I agree with the comments posted to the full jason.

    I also like to take the time to look around the promoters website, especially if it something that I can buy cheaper. Or if the website has something that myself of my son would like to look at.

    I admit sometimes, i have no interest in looking around the website. Other times I find myself joining all the forums on the competition websites.

  • chickybeak

    I think most manufacturers/promoters know there are people who like to do competitions as a hobby, and accept people will enter their competitions. We know that many companies actively promote their comps on Loquax. Also in comps where more than one prize is available people may enter hoping to win a specific item and if they win one of the other prizes may wish to find a home for it, fair enough.

    I think people need to look more closely at the individual rules for each competition. If it says one entry per household, only enter once-dont enter the entire family! I know there are genuine compers who occassionally enter their husbands, their mothers etc -fair enough, if the rules dont stipulate otherwise. But there are people who boast( not necessarily on this site!) that they enter comps from multi addresses and on a daily basis when the comps dont state this is allowable.They spoil it for the rest of us.

    When I am lucky enough to win, I usually email or write to the company to thank them. O dont always buy the magazines regularily(my treat budget is soo tight!) , I may not use all of the products but often even if i dont I recommend them to friends and family who may find them interesting. A bit of respect, good manners and courtesy is always appreciated. I doubt if it was a Loquat responsible for this-I do hope not .

  • ully

    I think it`s probably like in anything-most compers I imagine,are correct and proper as are most promoters. But I do think it cuts both ways-as in personally, I`ve had a couple of not so nice experiences with promoters (the two that stand out are whereby I`ve wrote a story, been told I had won and not had the prize and the other was a photo comp-won that, and had two thirds of the prize promised. Both involved an amount of work and neither were ‘something for nothing’ ) But if I balance that with the many many other wins I`ve been fortunate to have, I just then accept that not everyone is going to be fair-minded and some promoters aren`t all they claim.
    So turning it around the other way to the promoters point, I can see that they would not like to be seen as something for nothing and-quite rightly in my opinion-feel hard done to. No matter what I`ve won, I have always thanked and think most others do too. And even bought / continued to use some sites. So yes, I do agree, but I would say as well,it isn`t all ‘one way traffic’.

  • I agree that promoters also need to pull their fingers out a bit more – especially when seeing who’s entering their competitions.

    One thing we’re now doing is encouraging promoters to check their entries and stats for automated entries. Not enough know about them and/or taking the issue seriously enough imo.

    Perhaps it’s something compers could mention to promoters too?

    If I ran a competition and the entrants didn’t have the decency to visit my site – I’d be mighty miffed about it… now imagine if you’re spending your time entering comps as they should be, but someone who isn’t even going to a site ends up winning?


  • amandasteel2000

    If loquax decided to limit their competitions to people who had posted over 50 times then a lot of the 10th birtdday competition winners would have been disqualified.

  • DarthPenguin

    I’ve had a look at the Mansized winners list and I see at least one Loquat name I recognise who has won a prize from them who hasn’t posted once on the forums.

    Took me awhile before I “found” the forums here, didn’t know they even existed for some time, which I guess happens with a lot of sites I visit.

  • beckslayer

    I have often, took up offers from promotors or brought from them, after all it is a round about form of advertising.

    But i agree people should read through things, you never know what you might find.

    also i only try to win things i want, i would feel awful wining a signed gitar for a band someone else probably really loves, just to flog it.

    I dont think thats right, things like that should be for someone who actually likes the band / artist

    just my opinion!

  • valpownall

    I agree. I only enter comps for things that I or one of my family or friends would benefit from and enjoy, and get some pleasure from, otherwise I don’t think it’s fair to the other entrants. Apart from anything else it takes me all my time to enter the comps for things I do want, and I’d rather put my efforts into that. I enjoy looking round the websites too, and usually find or learn something new as a result. And I always send a thank-you email, even for the smallest of prizes, not just because it’s good manners, but I’m over the moon whatever it is and grateful for anything!