The Golden Jigsaw Gets Underway!

Posted on: July 19th, 2007 by Jason 59 Comments

A brand new competition, from Infinite Ideation Limited, kicks off on July 20th and it could mean that one lucky person ends up one million dollars better off. The Golden Jigsaw is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, but the pieces of the puzzle are scattered all over the internet. Your task is to locate the pieces by solving clues – solve the clues and complete the puzzle before anyone else and you’ll win the prize. The game starts on July 20th and is expected to run for at least six months!

To take part in The Golden Jigsaw you need to register and download your own personal playing board. Solve the clues to lead you to the pieces! When you find a piece of the jigsaw you simply drag it into your playing board.

We advise all participants to familiarise themselves with the rules as there are some important things to remember. For example “If any player makes public in any way the fact that they have finished the Golden Jigsaw during the period between the last clue being released and the winner being announced, they will immediately be disqualified”.

The Golden Jigsaw is dependent on advertisers purchasing pieces of the puzzle in order to take part, so there is a chance that the game may not reach the full 1000 pieces. If this happens, according to the rules, “the prize value will be 50% of all monies received by Infinite Ideation Limited in respect of the Golden Jigsaw project”.

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  • twistedskitzo

    Apparently, there is a clue on this site…….

    (Post by twistedskitzo’s bro, RIPPED)

  • dragonscales

    This is a hard one. Loquax is HUGE, and we need to find one piece. Eep.

  • julespage72

    I’ve been searching loquax for around 40 minutes and nothing so far!!!!

  • puddledchicken

    i’ve been looking for hours and still not found it!!

  • elaineduncan

    I was hoping they would be nice and put a piece with this story, Wishfull thinking on my part

  • Amiijoanne

    Has anyone found the piece yet??? I’ve been looking for ages but nothing so far…..

  • Snookie

    Bored now!

  • dijosmit


    I also have been looking for quite a while for the piece but haven’t found anything yet. anybody have clue where it is.

  • annmacdonald

    anyone found it yet??

  • wolve

    no nothin yet been lookin for hrs. has anyone found the other 10?

  • mazdra

    Where to start? It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!

  • stevegreenaway

    No – I can’t find it either!

  • goldenjigsawsucksass

    I reckon golden jigsaw has screwed up here… how many subscribers do you think they’ve lost today, by allowing such a huge site to host one of their pieces? How many people will have the patience or time to look for the piece?! Unbelievable. I presume you need to sign up to be able to access the right page. What a dirty ploy.

  • kirsty

    There’s no need to join Loquax to find the jigsaw piece. The piece is hosted on


  • kchang


    Can you give us a clue


  • kirsty

    I can’t give out clues sorry. Just, as I say, that it’s on and not any of the other subdomains of loquax and we haven’t hidden it away so deeply as to make it impossible to find (people have been trawling through old forum threads etc, there’s no need to do anything like that.)

  • goldenjigsawsucksass

    Ok, so out of the 36,000 odd pages you have indexed on Google, it’s in one of the most prominent what?…. 200?! Hmmm

  • goldenjigsawsucksass

    So there are 1000 pieces altogether in the golden jigsaw puzzle… it strikes me as an awful lot of time and effort just to find one piece. Reckon i’ll call it a day. Apologies if i’m being a bit defeatist!

  • colindunn1981

    Honestly, i’v been here forever and dont say it’s not impossibly hidden away, cause it is

  • jane Rhodes

    I’ve tried for two day now to find this piece on here and no luck yet, the first ten were on one page on their site. This will put people off looking as there is no hint of the right page to look at it is only one piece after all.

  • skunky187


  • fooby

    yes thanks for that skunky … feel much better now!


  • WillowFreya

    Ok, i have the first 10, but still looking for number 11! But i am st stubbun to give up!

  • fooby

    For Kirsty: I have found pieces on another site much more simply so I ask the question ….

    Is the animated gif on the homepage supposed to be a link? Because I cannot click on it?

  • kirsty

    No, that’s just to show you’re looking on the right site; it’s not supposed to be a link. The jigsaw piece can be found in two clicks from the home page.

  • Beardownman

    I ‘ve Found It!!
    Although it took me more than 2 clicks.

  • fooby

    thanks Kirsty for clearing that up.

    I’ve been looking for hours now with no joy, so I think I’ll come back to this one at a later date when I get some inspiration from the gods of jigsaw 🙂

  • julespage72

    Yay found it!! Although when I went back to the first site to look for the 4 pieces i still hadn’t found, even the ones I found yesterday have disappeared 🙁

  • tim1510

    well im sorry but this is just too annoyin ive been searchin for nearly 2 days and i just cant be bothered any more ive gone to all the links that end and then gone from those anything up to 5 clicks and i cant find anything so sorry this is a joke

  • simonerrey

    can you help with the first clue?

  • saralp

    i’ve been looking 4 ages now, 2 hours yesterday and about 3 today and i just cannot find it, getting really fed up

  • julespage72

    Panic over, have them all now, bring on Clue 3!!!

  • lornaforse

    Oh the relief…. Got it!!!

    Am also now quite well versed with the ENTIRE loquax website (and it’s quite a lot of fun as well).

    Good luck everyone who is still looking

  • spadey56 many others logged on to find the elusive jigsaw piece 6hrs and still no joy..ah well 10 down 990 to go..x

  • claire191185

    Help me please
    i have been trying for hours and i still cant find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go to our homepage.

    Click on the jigsaw image!

    Read the information about our participation and a useful tip.

    You’ll also find a very useful clue!

  • PedroJ

    Found It!!!!!!! Only took six hours!

    Thanks Jason and Kirsty.

    This might teach me to read the instructions for comps more closely in future!

  • arualellehcim

    Yessss thanks i finally found it after 2 days of searching! thanks for the clue so if you are still looking take into account that there is a very useful clue when you click on the logo on the main page! see you again soon love michelle!

  • WillowFreya

    Ok so i am still unhappily searching, i have the pieces from clue 1 and 3, but alas am stumpped on the one hidden here, but my search will continue.

  • WillowFreya

    VERY CLEVER! I have it, took a deep breath and read the instructions, got the clever clue and now have it! So in total have 12 pieces (only 898 to go)

  • chilliboy99

    i ve been searching now for nearly a day and im seriously stuck can anyone give me any hints please 🙂

    i know its only two clicks away but two clicks can do a lot to you!! ha

  • macca6172

    There does appear to be some sort of problem with finding this piece.

  • Macca6172 – we have located the problem you described and have fixed it. Thanks for highlighting.

    Chilliboy99 – see the comment at 5.41pm and read what it says and follow the instructions.

  • macca6172

    Just tested it and it’s working now. Excellent response time btw – very good to know. Gratz on a good site – now I’m registered I might stick around 😉

    Should make finding the piece a lot easier for all now.

  • jennywxy

    I have found the piece for clue number 3 so now have all 12 so far, but I must be even more daft than I thought as I cant see the connection between the rhyme clue and where the piece actually is. I know that no-one can say much but is there a connection of sorts?I found it more by luck than any skill! Jx

  • chilliboy99

    i found clue number 3 but im still looking for number 2. wish me luck!

  • robbieroo

    Hi, I’ve been looking for this piece for absolutely ages now. I found a link, but when I clicked on it last night and this morning, it comes up as page not found. Have I found it but the problem I read about before is back, or is this the wrong link?

  • kirsty

    No links have been changed. If you email me the link you have ( I might be able to see what’s happened.

  • chilliboy99

    i love whoever put the CLUE up on the site!!!!!!!!!. it is just such a relief to finally find the piece. anyone looking for it keep ur eyes peeled. :):):):)

  • chilliboy99

    ive got all 12 pieces now just waiting for the fourth clue. woo hoo!!!!!!!

  • robbieroo

    At long last!!! I found it. Went back and read the info properly. Great clue!!!

  • kebab

    Well I have found the loquax piece (my first) but I can’t move it over to the playing board. What am I doing wrong?


  • simeon

    guys it isnt tht hard trust, i have all pieces n have positioned them all on bord ! woooo

  • penguin7

    where did you get the 10 from? Were they on the original golden jigsaw site?

  • dianemez

    can i just ask is the piece of jigsaw the same size as the first 10 coz i have been searching for more than 2 days now and i see the clue but looked everywhere on what i think will be the correct pages and cant find it!

  • Yes, it’s the same size as the first 10.

  • chilliboy99

    can anyone solve the anagram to clue number 4?

  • kirsty

    I think about all that can usefully be said on this blog entry has been said now 🙂

    Further discussion on the Golden Jigsaw is better directed to our Competition Discussion Forum.

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