The Loquax Sob Story Winners Are…

Posted on: August 30th, 2011 by Jason 15 Comments

A while ago we offered you the chance to win a Flip Camcorder in our sob story competition. We had 221 entries (blog competitions and competitions that require effort just don’t attract big numbers do they) and between three of us we’ve read and reread them to decide who should win.

The winner therefore is…. mtfcfan1 for their Life of Brian entry!

“I’ve got a bunch of weirdos following me around all the time because they think I’m the messiah or some such nonsense. They won’t leave me alone! Not to mention my mum looks like a bloke.”

We looked for entries that closely fitted the entry requirements – although we did allow a bit of leeway on length of entry, but some still wrote a novel or two for their efforts.

We also liked Incy Wincy Spider from gemma43

“I’m determined to get to the top, no matter what it takes, I’ll just keep on trying. I’ve even got my own website.Trouble is just as I almost make it, some jerk pulls the plug on me and it’s back to the start again. I just have to pick myself up, shake myself off and start all over again. Would be nice if someone could give me a leg up, but I doubt that will happen ‘cos I’ve actually got eight.”

Fozzy Bear by Corpsekid

“Why does no one think Im funny? My jokes are funny, the gags are funny my hat and tie look great, but all I get is abuse from the old guys up top. At least my chicken loves me.”

And Doctor Who by gaynorj

“I’m getting so old I’ve had to resort to numerous facelifts, I live in an old box that keeps getting moved about, my companions keep leaving me and I have to deal with some real monsters on a daily basis.”

Thank you to everyone who took part. Remember the judge’s decision is final so please no sob stories about not winning our competition or setting up a Facebook losers group. Thanks!!

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  • fluffywhite

    Fantastic – well done 🙂

  • area

    Well done mtfcfan1.:wd::wd:

  • herlameness

    well done 🙂 xxxxxx

  • DeathsMistress

    I love this one – good choice

  • Sophwar

    Brilliant winners – well done all 😆

  • wisemum01

    Brilliant, well done 🙂

  • bestkeptsecret

    *clap, clap, clap* Well done!

  • suroben

    Well done

  • docpetra

    I read a lot of the entries earlier and some were totally hilarious, well done to the winner and everybody else! :wd: I didn’t enter because I thought I didn’t stand a chance!

  • bristolgirl

    Well done mtfcfan :wd: and the others.:wd: Love the my mum looks like a bloke bit.

  • tizliz

    I agree with docpetra. Because we could read the other entries I could see it wasn’t worth entering. Don’t mind putting effort in but I am not very good at expressing myself so tend to avoid this type of competition. Well done to the winner and all the other entrants.

  • “I could see it wasn’t worth entering”.. but if you don’t enter anything then you have zero chance.

  • libra100

    Congratulations winners, well done.

  • toddytwo

    Well won , brilliant sob stories 🙂

  • Lady Mary

    Brilliant ! MTFCDFAN1. They have my sense of humour. Can appreciate their problem because my mum is a toad with attitude. !