The Secret World of Comping Unveiled on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour

Posted on: November 12th, 2009 by Jason 7 Comments

A bit thanks to one of our new users who alerted us to an interesting piece on Monday 9th November’s Woman’s Hour on Radio 4. You can tune in to the clip on The BBC and it makes quite interesting listening. Judi Herman joins up with a Midlands Comping Group to discuss their comping and prize wins.

Interestingly the compers in the clip say their secret of winning is quantity over quality, although we’d have preferred them to qualify that more with “quantity of prizes you want to win” rather than go and enter anything and everything. The club lament the demise of the tiebreakers and also highlight that the internet has brought in more entries.

They also discuss the recession and comping and say who and what defines an actual comper! The recession element is debatable – there are more compers, but that could be because of the recession and/or it could be because access to competitions online has become so much easier, and perhaps even more main stream through social networks like Twitter, Facebook and even MSE.

A spokesperson from moneysavingexpert, Jenny Keith, is also interviewed and claims that some compers enter up to 500 competitions a day. We know there are a lot of competitions around, but 500 in a day every day? That seems a bit of an exaggeration, and even the presenter seems shocked by those figures! Is there an element of “winging it” going on in this interview?

Maybe, but the good news is that the spokeperson says that comping should be seen as a fun hobby rather than a way to make money. That’s fantastic and is a breath of fresh air from the old school ways of sticking someone in a magazine of newspaper saying they are a “professional comper” and have won fortunes.

The piece also includes some top tips like the more you enter the more you win, enter local competitions and look at creative competitions. Jenny does claim that tiebreakers aren’t that popular nowadays and “it’s all about online”, but perhaps she’s not aware that tiebreaker competitions can run online and they’re still surviving… just!

Finally they discuss the male/female ratio of compers. Our own stats suggest that there are plenty of guys who enter competitions, but it’s the ladies who tend to like to chat more in competition forums. Their claim about prizes being mainly female orientated we’re not overly convinced on though. There’s a lot more prizes around than spa days and hampers!

Still, all in all a good article about compers and an interesting insight into a comping club. It might be just us, but you do get the feeling that the presenter Jenni Murray kind of thinks compers might just be a little bit strange and even calls them “cranky types”.

Not far wrong then LOL!

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  • therealsupergirl

    Shame – I thought they were going to reveal a secret world for compers like Narnia hidden in someone’s wardrobe, where the streets are paved with LWEs and there is a free prize draw for a car on every corner! ;0)

  • Micah68

    500 a day seems really high… even for MSE. Maths isn’t my strong point … but going to give it ago.

    At the start of the month there around 20 pages of comps listed on mse over a 24 hour period. There are usually 20 threads per page (less on age one allowing for stickies). 20 x 20 = 400. That is assuming you enter every comp with out any discernment as some are local or age or gender specific. That would mean a further 100 postal/text or local radio/paper comps to find eevry day. I suspect over the month 200 is more realistic even for the most ardent compers.

  • MrsJustlucky

    i think you should stick to quality and try your skill’s. We can all win CD, DVD’s etc etct yawn..but why not spend your time entering for things your really need and not just another ebay sale..

  • libra100

    The broadcast made interesting listening, although I was surprised that they chose a representative from MSE to discuss comping, rather than a comping website. MSE covers many topics (mainly financial), and comping is just one of a range of topics to be found on their forums.

    Entering competitions is definitely becoming more popular, but I think the ease of entering figures largely, and the fact that it doesn’t cost anything to enter.

    A couple of the compers regarded comping almost as a part-time job, which seems to take the fun out of what I consider to be a fun way to pass the time.

    Interesting listening though.

  • Mactoosh

    Is it me or were there some sweeping sexist generalisations that you would not expect on Woman’s Hour?

    I find myself feeling very cranky! Possibly as a result of comping, maybe PMT, who knows! And as for those prizes being aimed at women – men of course don’t watch DVDs, play on games consoles, watch TV, go on holiday etc etc.

    I agree with the Micah68, the figures are a little bit exaggerated. It would be extremely difficult to find 500 a day!

    That article could have been so much better!

  • hks

    To be honest I didn’t know this was on but I just happened to have the radio on at the time. When the MSE woman came on and said some people do 500 comps a day I nearly laughed my socks off. For one month I tried to see how many I could enter a week just to see what the stats were. Doing 6 hours a day for a month online and P/C (just the odd text) I managed a mean of 96 per day. 500 per day I think is only possible if you comped for 14 hours plus a day and even then you would run out about half way through the month and then only get to do 40/50 a day after that (that’s including my RR and the comping mag I also subcribe to). I honestly don’t think that 500 a day is possible. IMHO but if anyone can correct me please do.

    Good luck all loquax compers 🙂

  • frenchdream

    500 per day!!!! Now i know why i am not winning. I still like my postals – call me old fashioned – but they have served me well. When even a walk to the post box can seem a major effort to some (add to that it also costs a stamp)then even the simple name and addy on a postcard, can still attract much lower entries than a lot of onliners.