Walkers Crisps Reveal Mystery Flavours & Winners

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by Jason 16 Comments

The big day has arrived at Walkers Crisps. Not only are they revealing the mystery flavours of Bags A, B and C but they’re also revealing the names of the three lucky winners. Those winners each get themselves £50,000 cash simply for guessing the names of the flavours. So do you want to know who’s won and what the flavours are? Well here they are…

Walkers Flavour A

Flavour A was Sour Cream & Spring Onion. Helen Yendall from Warwick has been announced as the winner of this part of the competition on the Walkers Facebook page.

Walkers Flavour B

Flavour B, which Walkers revealed as being a meaty flavour, was actually Lincolnshire Sausage & Brown Sauce. The flavour was guessed by Nikki Hughes from Nottingham and she wins a £50,000 prize.

Walkers Flavour C

Flavour C, which Gary Lineker revealed on Twitter before Walkers did via Facebook, was Birmingham Chicken Balti. The winner of the £50,000 was Emma Thirkill from London. We wonder if they got the exact name – if so that’s quite a feat! We expect people would have guessed Chicken Balti but not the location!

A big congratulations to all the winners!

So how did you get on guessing the flavours? Were you close or were you miles out? Did the clues help you or did they take you down the wrong route? According to Sam at Walkers, they received just over 2000 correct entries across all the flavours!

This weekend we received feedback saying all Loquax does is say negative stuff about competitions and never says anything positive (!). So here’s something positive …

We think this was quite a clever competition from Walkers Crisps. It created a lot of interest and with the clues and Facebook discussion made sure that it never fizzled out. The £50,000 cash prizes on offer were brilliant and whilst it may have been nice to have seen a different prize distribution there’s nothing like a big cash prize to attract interest.

Hopefully we’ll see more competitions like this from Walkers and from other brands too.

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  • cturnill

    With the aid of the clues and hundreds and hundreds of entries I managed to get all three correct, but no phone call.

    I really loved this competition and am suffering from withdrawal symptoms trying to think up new flavours already.

  • moomimmel

    i guessed 2 out of the 3 correctly, based solely on the clues and making the kids try them….the smell of them just made me want to hurl…especially the curry! but yes you are right jason this was a well run comp which didn’t go OTT on the spam and kept the interest going.

  • ccaple

    I also got 2 correct with the aid of the clues and the picture. It was an interesting comp.

    Probably would have been better to have a few more prizes, say 5 x £10,000 for each, though I wouldn’t be saying that if I had won lol.

  • splatky

    Thanks for letting us know the news 🙂 I’m just happy to see that a company actually gave away the prizes that they were advertising – good on Walkers!

  • misslucky

    wow, well done to the winners, i didnt come anywhere near to guessing those flavours!
    and I disagree loquax is not negative about competitions, Loquax has years of experience and knows what they are talking about with comps 🙂

  • athenajm

    Oh man, I guessed A correctly and C I got chicken balti but one of the clues said something about region so I think I put Indian chicken Balti! Oh well, better luck next time.

  • emily

    I just don’t get Birmingham chicken balti, does it taste different from a chicken balti anywhere else? Can you taste the Birminghamness? Or am I missing something? Is it an actual dish like a Cornish pasty or a er… Pontefract cake!

  • CaptFishy

    Yep – I got the Birmingham Balti one but no £50k cheque 🙁

    Oh well, onto the next challenge.

  • bluespanisheyes

    to emily above () the favourite dish (in recent surveys ) is Chicken Balti and apparently Birmingham is known for its streets of Balti houses, as they hit Britian in that area. Also the bullring in Birmingham is a shoppping centre which is there as a clue (the bull standing on the silver balls looks like the Bullring building )
    does anyone know how the clues on the shopping list fit the answers (pick up apples, go to cathedral,etc)! i still dont get those !

  • tizzy

    Hi, I think it’s because there is an area of Birmingham called ‘The Balti Triangle” as this dish was brought to Birmingham in the mid-70’s, and many people still believe you can’t get a decent Balti outside of Brum.

    Being a Brummie myself, I’m obviously biased, but believe me they’re worth the trip!

    Here’s a link to the history of it: http://www.baltitriangle.com/story.html

  • Tizzler

    Well done winners – but what happened with the flavours ‘from all over Britain’? Didn’t Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland count?

  • rwgray

    Terrific comp, just wish they’d gone the extra mile and emailed the 2,000 people FIRST and only THEN held the draw for the winners – much more suspense, more fun, more rewarding. I don’t want to criticise because it was really outstanding, but having got 2 or 3 answers right I feel let down not to have been involved in the final stage properly.

    Nevertheless – Thank you Walkers.


  • stretch1

    I ONLY ENTERED A FEW TIMES HALF HEARTEDLY AS IT DID NOT SEEM TO BE VERY GOOD. and it seems i was right judging by the comments.surely those that correctly guessed the correct flavour should have received a share of the prize money ? Blurgh.

  • docpetra

    I got the blue flavour right! It was a good comp, and enticed people to buy the product. It would have been nice if they had split the prize into smaller chunks, or honoured the correct guesses with some free crisps or something, but you can’t have everything.

  • rwgray

    As a consolation for my near-miss, Walkers have kindly offered a free box of the new crisps. I think that’s kind of them. Out of the 2,000 correct entries, about 10% came from the 68 people who had all three flavours correct. If you were one of them, you’ve probably been emailed today – like me!!

    Keep on comping… Rich.x

  • danjr2003

    @Emily….Its Birmingham chicken Balti because the Balti dish originates from birmingham…