What Kind Of Comping Athlete Are You?

Posted on: July 25th, 2012 by Jason 16 Comments

As The Olympics are about to kick off we thought we’d have a bit of fun on the blog and come up with some comper categories. Basically we’ve picked some of the events taking place during London 2012 and assigned them to the comping community.

100m Sprinters: If you like your comping in the “instant win” style then you’re perfect for this event. You make your entry and then it’s all over in a few seconds so you know if you’ve won or lost.

110m Hurdlers: Some instant win fans like the challenge of a game or having to go and make a purchase. Once those hurdles have been overcome they can quickly find out if they’ve won a prize.

200m Sprinters: This is the event for compers who leave things to the last minute and then have a mad dash to the post box or website to make their entries. Those who like to cut it really fine may want to try the 100m and mix it up with the instant winners!

Marathon: 26miles of running is nothing compared to the long grueling sessions of comping undertaken by compers in this category. They’ll login at breakfast and logout at bedtime as they battle various competitions and entry forms. These are tough athletes as they usually start again the next day!

10m Platform Divers: Without the finesse and skimpy trunks of Tom Daley, these compers jump right in without worrying what’s below. They forget to check the terms and are happy to enter anything and everything that comes their way!

Syncronised Swimming: This category is for the likers and sharers on Facebook. With grace and beauty they work in perfect unison posting, liking and sharing – even on comps where they don’t have to do it! Some people aren’t big fans of this event!

Greco-Roman Wrestling: Yes it’s an event at The Olympics. These compers are the ones who like to find the obscure competitions and see if they can wrestle (see what we did there) the prizes their way. They’re quite secretive and are usually found on the winning podium after the event!

Cycling Sprint: In cycling competitors go round the track a few times before making a mad sprint for the finishing line. In comping the sprint cyclists are the ones who dilly and dally all day on Facebook/Twitter/Forums and then remember that they’ve not got much time left to do their entries. There’s then a mad dash to cram as many comps in as possible.

Modern Pentathlon: This is where you’ll find the creative compers. They’ve got their cameras, their camcorders, their props, their ideas and even their children all combining to generate entries for those lower entry comps.

Decathlon/Heptahlon: In The Olympics, athletes try and reach perfection in 7 or 10 events. In the comping world, compers in this category are trying their best to do a mixture of online entries, postcards, text entries, tv entries, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, radio comps, magazines and creative comps!

Now remember this is all a bit of fun as we jump on the old summer of sport bandwagon!! If you have any suggestions for other sports or perhaps you have an idea for a “Compers Olympics” event then leave a comment below.

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  • hazelangell

    I am Cycling Sprint! I procrastinate on everything all day then by 10pm or 11pm I’m rushing to actually enter something.

  • Alistairric2

    Marathon for me. Been off work with a broken hand and managed to learn to type with one hand. Quite sad now I think of it.

  • Neil2

    Be like Tom & comp Daly

  • janewendy

    That was great fun reading all those. Some days I’m a Marathon comper and other days I can be a Cycling Sprint comper.

  • gcn504

    How about a RELAY comper?

    This comper posts lots of comps and passes the baton on (shares the comp) to other compers. The RELAY comper rarely gets to run the glory final leg of the race and win but takes pleasure in seeing other go through the finishing (winning) tape.

  • glitterpuss

    Brilliant. I’m a bit of a sprint cyclist and find it easy to lose a few hours meandering around FB, Twitter & forums..
    I’d probably also enter for the Heptathlon due to having many comping avenues being pursued at once.

  • libra100

    I fit into a few categories, can be a sprinter, hurdler, marathon runner (on occasion), along with some of other events.
    Hopefully I will be in for a gold medal eventually.

  • Saterkey

    although not me really as i do win occasionally, but heres another one

    The Commentator – Thinks about entering, occasionally has a go on an amateur level, will talk alot about the mechanics of comping but sees everyone else winning.


  • Laine21

    The Archer- I aim for the prize I want……..just keep missing the target LOL think I need to win a specsavers voucher or one of the lasik treatments 🙂

  • slkgar

    I’m definitely a decathlete or heptathlete as I love to enter comps every which way. Occasionally I win gold…

  • barmel

    10m Platform Divers: Without the finesse and skimpy trunks of Tom Daley, these compers jump right in without worrying what’s below. They forget to check the terms and are happy to enter anything and everything that comes their way! – oh yes this is me

  • blurtsmum

    I think I am a Marathon runner – but only seasonal. I would love to be have a go at the Modern Pentathlon as that is where I win on local events and should really have a go at it in a bigger more organised fashion. Good Luck to everyone through the Olympics and hope some of you take home Gold!

  • poppycat1

    I think I’m an Archer like Laine21.

  • tracyg3

    i’m a decathlete.i do all for a few days and then nothing!! any little win is like picking up the torch!!

  • bestkeptsecret

    I’m a 10m Platform Diver crossed with a 200m Sprinter.

  • sheena444

    Probably a cycling sprint- I’ve missed loads of competition this year by being preoccupied with studying, time wasting apps and DVDs. If we had school reports they would say “must try harder!”