Win a Wife Competition (In New Zealand)

Posted on: February 12th, 2011 by Jason 5 Comments

With Valentine’s Day approaching we were going to do a round up of some the rose, chocolate and champagne related competitions that are currently around, but something more interesting caught the eye… a win a wife competition! A New Zealand radio station, Rock FM, is running the promotion and it’s sparked a bit of discussion and as you’d expect controversy (The Metro).

Win a Wife

The competition in association with Endless Love Agency will see one lucky New Zealander head off to Ukraine for 12 days armed with $2000 and the opportunity to meet and marry. The important thing to note is that they’re not being forced to marry anyone, so if they don’t meet the girl of their dreams then they’re going to be allowed back home (well we’d hope so).

There are already over 60 entries and you can “like” which one you erm, like via a Facebook button. The votes do have a role to play in the competition (we wonder if vote competition cheats will be doing this one?) as they’ll be used to determine the overall winner. After the closing date Rock FM will select 5 entrants, do a few tests on them and then this combined with the votes will give them a winner.

We in The UK often complain that a holiday prize isn’t too great if the flights aren’t included, but there’s also an interesting part of the Win a Wife prize not included too. According to the terms “the prize does not include visa application or travel for the Ukraine woman to come to New Zealand” -the winner has to arrange and pay for them with help from the dating agency!

Given the publicity controversial competitions can often get we wonder if there are any UK radio stations thinking “that’s a good idea”? Would you enter for the chance to win a husband/wife/partner?

We think we’ll just stick with the usual Valentine Competitions that are listed on Loquax!

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  • Polarbear

    Oo how long before the womens libbers get in on the act and demand a win a husband competition?? lol

    It seems to me though its more or a competition to win a trip to the Ukraine with $2000 NZ dollars spending money and a trip to a dating agency, there is no guarantee you’d actually come back with a wife- even after all the visa’s etc were sorted out, although there are some very pretty women in the Ukraine (so i’ve been told) it doesnt mean any of them would “fall in love” with the competition winner- unless it was viewed as a way to a new life in NZ (and an immediate divorce lol) maybe i’m just a pessimist 😉 more of a gimmick in my mind than a serious competition, but you never know. 🙂

  • libra100

    Certainly different to the win a TV/Ipad/Media Centre type of competition.

    Is it not sexist though? Surely females should also have the chance of meeting a husband!

  • kroga

    How soon before we see the ‘Win a Divorce’ competition!

  • Polarbear

    Haha told you 🙂

    [quote]libra100 said on February 13th, 2011 at 8:26 am

    Is it not sexist though? Surely females should also have the chance of meeting a husband!

  • mackemprincess

    yeeeaaa I wanna win a hubbie…lol…ones quite