Win an £8million London Pad Competition Launches!

Posted on: October 29th, 2008 by Jason 8 Comments

Whilst the 46000 entrants of the Oldborough Estate competition await the findings of the Gambling Commission another, and perhaps potentially more high profile “win a house” competition has launched. Up for grabs is £8million worth of London Flats at Win a London Pad. It’s being run in association with Great Ormond Street Hospital. The competition is aiming to raise enough money to fund the construction of a purpose built 4 bed ward in the Cardiac Daycare unit.

The cost of a ticket is slightly higher than previous win a house competitions, however there’s a nice twist. A ticket costs you £60, but for that you get entry into the competition plus an MP4 Player worth £89 (RRP). The promoters are hoping to sell 200,000 tickets with £3 from each ticket going to the charity.

Win a London Pad

Despite the issues about skill questions and the Devon Estate competition, the promoters MIA Developments Ltd have opted to follow a similar entry mechanic. There are 3 questions (which with a bit of googling, knowledge and a calculator are fairly easy) and you can’t proceed to the entry page until all answers are correct. So far 44 tickets have been sold and we’ll be monitoring developments on win a house watch (where 2 competitions have closed due to the Gambling Commission’s intervention into how the competitions are being run). We think by offering a product to buy, the MP4 Player, rather than just a ticket the promoters are simply running a “purchase to enter” competition!

Legal issues aside if you fancy an MP4 Player and the chance to become a London property magnate then the prize is quite exceptional. The property is at York House Myrdle Street in Tower Hamlets E1 and comprises a block of 11 service apartments. They have Italian Design Kitchens with stone worktops and Jacuzzi baths and en-suite to master bedrooms. Rental for the apartments should exceed £500,000!

It’s an incredible prize although many may find the £60 entry fee a little bit steep. However, if the competition fails to reach 200,000 entries the good news is you could still win a new London pad. For example if just 19,999 tickets (or MP4 players) are sold then one flat will be awarded. Full details are in the terms and conditions.

Win a London Pad!

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  • Consultantwan

    It will be interesting to see how this one pans out. I’m assuming they will be under no obligation to return entrants money should they not reach the required quota since you are actually purchasing an MP4 playr and therefore technically being entered into the draw free of charge. Its actually impossible to establish the value of the MP4 player since it does not give details of its brand/model etc and frankly RRP means nothing these days but I guess if you were intending to purchase a similar set up anyway then this is the place to get it.. the bonus of the free entry to th prize draw being a great incentive. I’m not sure I will be entering this one, but I will watch with interest.

  • robinstott

    Hi, I have just started a win a house competition, and I believe we have done it in a way that follows the letter and the spirit of the law. We have asked two questions, which could be looked up on google, but we have added a spot the difference test, which can only be answered by your skill and judgement. We also carried out a survey, of 100 people, asking them just the two questions. 37% of those asked got one or both of the questions wrong. We also have databases which show who has answered correctly and who has answered incorrectly, they also show who got through to the payment page then backed out.

  • Consultantwan – I’ve asked for info re: the MP4 Player model – so will let you know if I get it.

    Robinstott – yeah we’re aware of your house competition, it will be added to Loquax’s win a house watch section soon, but please don’t use the blog to advertise – thanks!

  • Consultantwan

    Thanks Jason that would be great

  • robinstott

    Sorry Jason, this has all been a bit of a headache because of the, way the GC have treated the Wilshaws etc, we want to get a good format so others can do it properly as well, I would appreciate comments on the way we have set it up, and maybe if we (public) can get it right, the powers at be might get off our tails, again my apologies, I won’t do it again.

  • harryflipflop

    MP4 Player is called 4GB Q651 and appears to be listed as either OEM or Misong. Made in China, $48 for 1 to 9 of them!

  • rbarham

    Well done, good research harry !

  • stixanstones

    robinstott…. I would be interested in finding out more about your competition is that not what this sec is all about anyway it would be interesting what these competition organisers are thinking