A Challenge To Automated Competition Entry Services!

Automated Entries

A Challenge To Automated Competition Entry Services!

Our campaign to get compers and promoters aware about automated entry services and how they impact comping is well underway. The good news, is that one of our competitors, Accolade Publishing, are getting behind it too. Plus compers are emailing promoters and already there’s been some positive feedback. We’re pleased to say that although a lot of promoters were not aware their competitions were being targeted, some have moved swiftly to fix things. Some are less responsive! Frustratingly 30 Days, Vogue, Mydeco and Daisy Green aren’t very social when it comes to comments on their Facebook walls. Come on guys, you can do better!

What A Con

One thing that did crop up though during the early round of emails is, as we’ve blogged before, that Prize Draw Centre seem to ignore the terms and conditions of many competitions. Woman and Home, for example, don’t allow automated entries – yet PDC still claim on their website that they’re entering on behalf of their subscribers. Win24, though, do claim that they are more particular with selecting sites to target. In this thread “Win24 What a Con” on Shoppingtelly.com there’s a statement that includes Win24 only “use competitions where automatic submissions or third party entries are prohibited.”
That’s good to know – unless you happen to be the poor siteowner or promoter who suddenly gets swamped with emails from wonandron.co.uk, shortsmail.co.uk, freggnet.co.uk, wormail.co.uk, prainnet.org.uk, kreahnet.org.uk, rackernet.org.uk and runracemail.org.uk. The fact is that after just a few emails to promoters/siteowners it’s clear many don’t know about automated entry services for online competitions, what they do, how they impact things and what can be done to deter them.

A Challenge!

So here’s an open challenge to Win24, WeWin4U, Prizewise and Prize Draw Centre. Before you upload your entries from the people who pay you subscription fees, why not contact the promoter/siteowner and ask them if it’s ok for you to enter x00 to x000 people to their competition. After all, as MyComps from Oxfordshire Press state in their review of Prize Draw Centre – promoters “can choose to include or exclude Automatic Entry”. So why not give them that choice! Explain to them that those x00 to x000 people won’t be visiting the site, won’t be interacting with their brand nor will they, because you look after their email accounts (in some cases) be happy to get any marketing emails. But they’ll be happy to take the prizes (always important to have a positive spin).

Give Promoters The Choice

By doing this not only will you be giving promoters a choice, but you’ll also know that entries from your subscribers aren’t going in the bin. That surely means good value for them and a fair choice for promoters! Will any take up the challenge? It’s unlikely isn’t it… and that means it’s important for all compers who enjoy entering online prize draws – whether you’re here on Loquax, another site or another forum that you get involved. It’s easy to get involved as you just need to refer promoters and fellow compers to our Time To Add “No Automated Entries” To Your Rules! or if you prefer Say NO to Automated Competition Entry Services. You’ll find useful information and email templates on both blogs too.