A Kind Of Comping News Update

A Kind Of Comping News Update

We thought it was high time to do another blog update. There are a few things that we’ve spotted in and around the comping world and Loquax that deserve a mention, but perhaps don’t warrant a full blown blog post. So here’s a bit of a round up of things that have caught our eye over the last few weeks.

Christmas Cake Challenge

Members of the Loquax Community were saddened to hear that Lesley40 had lost her battle with Cancer. Lesley was a member of the site pretty much from the outset and was instrumental in the launch of a ‘recipe section’. One popular recipe was her Christmas Cake and in honour of Lesley40’s memory, some Loquax users are undertaking a Christmas Cake Challenge. We think this is a lovely idea and hopefully more members will get involved.

Slam Prize Scams

Scams are sadly part and parcel of comping. They come in different forms – from bogus winning letters through to fake Facebook accounts. We all like to think that we’d spot such things and not get caught up in the deceit, but sometimes things we know are “too good to be true” suck us in. Promotions company Spark and Fuse aren’t fans of scams either and are currently running a “Slam Prize Scams” week to highlight some of the problems. It’ll be interesting to see whether their coverage includes things like Automated Prize Draw Entry Services and things like letters from The Unclaimed Prize Register/The Prize Directory. We also wonder whether they will highlight the owner relationships between some competition portals and those letters that stem from Ross-On-Wye!

Well Done Super Lucky Di

Super Lucky Di Coke may not be every comper’s cup of tea, although we don’t really understand why as she does have a very good blog full of information. There’s actually nothing close to it competitions wise. We’d have loved our own blog to be up there with Super Lucky but we don’t have Di’s dedication to the cause. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Di picked up the award for “Best Deals, Coupons or Freebies Blog” at the Sho-Mo Awards run by UKMoneyBloggers.com. Congratulations to Di and well deserved!

Life Of A Student Comper

Possibly hoping to follow in Di’s footsteps is Chloe Bingham. Chloe blogs at ‘The Life Of A Student Comper‘ and has been a Loquax user since 2008. Her comping story recently featured in Pick Me Up Magazine as she’s won an impressive £35,000 of prizes in just a year. Well done Chloe.

Comper In The News

Another comper in the news is Sarah Taylor from Nuneaton. Her story featured in The Daily Mail. They reported that Sarah “has entered 300 competitions a week for 12 years” and that she’d finally won a dream wedding worth £10,000. Compers in the press do get a lot of heat in the comments section of these kind of articles, but interestingly in this case Sarah has responded to some of the critics.

Comping Critics

Unfortunately, Di, Chloe and Sarah will no doubt have critics within the comping fraternity for pushing comping to the wider world. We have actually seen comments by people on Facebook suggesting that compers going to the press results in loads more interest – and loads more interest means less chances to win. The irony in such a comment is that, in our view, social media probably has done a lot to increase the interest in comping. Every Twitter and Facebook share results in new eyeballs on comping every day – probably generating far more interest than any blog or newspaper article can achieve. Something to think about eh?


Secret Yorkshire Competitions

Yesterday (15th June 2023) we received a message from a Loquax user who felt that they’d been potentially “scammed” because of a prize