Advent Competitions 2021 – Here We Go Again

Advent Update

Advent Competitions 2021 – Here We Go Again

Christmas comes but once a year but when it comes it starts in November and there are several hundred advent competitions to think about first. Yes folks it’s that most wonderful time again. This will be Loquax’s 24th advent season and so hopefully by now we’ve got ourselves a well-oiled competition listing machine in place. Our listings give you the option to filter out competitions by type and prize as well as hide those advents you just don’t want to waste time with. We haven’t made any changes to how it all works so if you’ve been with us before for advent or a regular to Loquax then all should be fairly familiar. Of course do feel free to ask us for help if needed.

What To Expect For Advent 2021

If you’re a newbie you might be wondering “what is all this advent milarky about”? Well once upon a time advent competitions comprised of a site or brand running 24 days of giveaways between the 1st and 24th December. Just like an advent calendar but with a prize draw behind the door rather than chocolate or a festive picture (for those of us who remember pre-chocolate advents). Advents today, at least in comping terms, tend to cover anything that’s festive and/or daily that runs from November to January. We have advents, pre-advents, weekly giveaways, anagram competitions, 12 Days Of Christmas from the 1st, 12 Days Of Christmas from the 13th and 12 Days Of Christmas starting on any other day. In short it’s a boatload of daily chances to win stuff.

Show Me The Advents

Like many other competition portals and social media groups, Loquax will have it’s own lists for advent competitions. Is it the best site for advents? The answer depends on whether you like our set-up or not. And we’re not into willy waving here at Loquax HQ so we’re not setting out to create the best list, the biggest list or “we have more than….” list. We’ll simply have a list of all the advents that either we or are lovely users share with the community. It’s usually pretty comprehensive and covers more than enough for the most avid comper. Usually within a few days every site/group covers most bases so it’s hard for the most popular advents to fall under radar.

I Can’t See Any Advents Listed

As we move closer to the 1st December early announced advents will start to populate the lists as they get posted to Loquax. Then from the 1st onwards all hell breaks loose and there’s a deluge of updates! However our lists won’t actually become live on Loquax until the morning of the 1st. In the past we used to be up for a few hours after midnight adding advents as soon as they opened which was fun but not very sensible for our own well being. So today we’re of a mindset that advents are so overhyped that a gentler approach works out better for all concerned. You’ll know when the advents are live for you because the links will appear on the advent competitions page.

Posting Advents To Loquax

Loquax is a community site and always needs contributors to build the competition lists. But advent is the time of year when we come out of competition listing retirement and help out because it can get busy. That said we do still need user involvement and contributors. We can only do so much and do note that this year we won’t be working long long hours to fill in the gaps. So please do try and do your bit for the advent contribution. If you spot a competition not listed then add it to the forum via add an advent competition section. The more who help out the less the burden falls on a handful of contributors. If for the last 11 months you’ve struggled to find a competition to post then advent is the perfect time to find one not added!

Help Us To Help You

It might come as a little surprise that advent isn’t our favourite time of the year. We love the festivities, finding advents and enjoying the community spirit that they can generate as people share competitions and wins. What we don’t enjoy are the people who visit Loquax simply to copy to other sites and/or social media groups. Last year for example we managed to stop a few cases including banning one FB admin numerous times. Unfortunately copying does happen and it will no doubt happen again this year. So here’s a very small but polite request. If you’re only visiting Loquax this advent (or indeeed other times of the year) just to copy our lists to your site/group then please think again. Copying damages our business and puts it at risk (less users, less visitors etc) – just remember that. We also want to be able to enjoy advent with our users and community not have it soured. Ta!

Top Advent Tips

OK on to more pleasent things. We’ve covered advent tips many times and they are also listed on our advent page. In short don’t try and do them all, focus only on the ones you like, don’t spend hours and hours chasing rubbish prizes, be a contributor but most of all remember it’s the festive season and don’t trade comping time for time with family and friends. Advent comping should be fun and not a chore. If you’re getting less sleep to fit them all in or spending every hour entering them then that isn’t healthy. Oh and watch out for social media bans too. Too much advent comping on Instagram and Facebook could result in you losing your account for a few days or even longer.


On The 3rd Day Of Advent…

The advent comping season is now well and truly underway and despite a challenging 2020 there’s a lot more competitions than we anticipated.