Andrew Lloyd Decided To Enter 1000 Competitions

Andrew Lloyd Decided To Enter 1000 Competitions

Following hot on the heels of the best book on comping comes what surely must be the best video about competitions. Andrew Lloyd, according to the video below, started entering competitions at the age of 12. He was lucky enough to win a Nickelodeon prize draw. Ten years later he decided that he would see what happened if he entered 1000 competitions – this is his story.

20 Competitions A Day

Andrew chose to spread his comping over a period of 50 days – with the aim to enter 20 comps a day. Many compers may scoff at these numbers – some no doubt enter 1000 in a day once they’ve retweeted, clicked to win, liked/shared and regrammed everything under the sun. However the figures are reasonable if you’re someone who likes to dip in and out of comping. One thing we learn from the video is that Andrew entered a number of magazine comps like Take A Break. He could have saved himself a few stamps by entering those online – and perhaps given himself a few extra opportunities to enter by not bothering with them altogether. Yes, people do win TAB comps but the odds are stacked against you.

Chances Of Winning

In his search for competitions we see MyOffers at the top of Google – let’s hope he didn’t spend too much time there either. Again yes people do win but the odds are stacked! In truth you could argue that it’s getting harder to win any competition these days, but a 1/5000 chance to win a £5 lipstick on Facebook is still better than a 1/100,000 chance to win £500 via TAB. Whenever ever competitions hit the news there’s widespread panic amongst the comping community that there will be an influx of newbies. I won’t giveaway the results but ironically I suspect that this will video will generate more interest in the hobby than any TV appearance or book launch.

Copycat Videos?

It wouldn’t be surprising to see a number of copycat videos cropping up as others try and see how they fair entering 1000 competitions. I might even have to give it a go myself..

Thanks to Loquax user wilmaj for sharing the video


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