Apply To Play Squid Game For Real

Apply To Play Squid Game For Real

Squid Game was the TV phenomenon of 2021. The South Korean series featured the story of Seong Gi-hun who, whilst down on his luck, found himself emerged in a fight for survival game called Squid Game. Over a series of rounds – often based on school ground games like Red Light/Green Light, Tug Of War and Marbles – 456 competitors, only known by their numbers, are wittled down so that just one remains to win the big cash prize. The twist of Squid Game however is that those who are eliminated are eliminated. In other words they’re not walking away with their Bendy Bully’s or Blankety Blank chequebook and pen. Netflix who hosted the series are now hoping to cash in on the show’s popularity by setting up a real-life Squid Game reality TV show. Up for grabs will be the world’s biggest prize of $4.56million (about £3.75million) and they’re now looking for recruits.

How To Apply For Squid Game: The Challenge

A 1 in 456 chance of winning £3.75million sounds attractive but you might be a little concerned about applying given what happens to losing contestants in the TV series. The good news is that in the reality show if you’re knocked out of the running then you still get to go home. Netflix openly admit that “the worst fate [for contestants] is going home empty-handed”. So how does the chance of winning the biggest prize on TV, the kudos of being the first Squid Game champion and knowing you’re not going to die playing the game sound? I can sense you’re all chomping at the bit to apply for this one!! To apply for Squid Game you must be at least 21 years old, speak English and be available for up to 4 weeks in early 2023 for filming. Applications are being accepted now – just head over to and complete your entry. To apply you will need to fill in a few details, include photos and upload a video “telling us about yourself, why you want to be on Squid Game: The Challenge, what your game plan would be and what you would do with a huge cash prize if you won”. One minute isn’t a lot of time to explain all of this so our advice is plan your video carefully – especially if you’re serious about taking part.

Open To Entrants Worldwide

Applicants for Squid Game: The Challenge are not restricted to The UK. There’s a US option and a Non-US & Non-UK Applicants option. What this means is that getting on the show is going to be quite a tough ask, so those videos will really need to stand out. The good news – well good in respects of not having to travel too far – is that filming of the series will be in The UK. Whether that means they’ll be a biased towards UK entrants we don’t know. We suspect not as part of the show’s premise is to look at how players approach the show’s challenges. According to the Netflix Official Announcement: “strategies, alliances, and character will be put to the test while competitors are eliminated around them”. One thing we can’t locate is a closing date for applications so whilst we suggest not rushing to get your entry in – do spend a bit of time on getting your video content as good as you can – don’t leave it too long just in case applications are suspended due to an overwhelming response. So are you tempted to join what is billed as the “biggest reality competition series ever”. If you do apply then let us know how you get on.


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